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15. Shattered Glass

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 ""this is mind to mind far speak ""
This chapter is shorter then usual because I liked the ending revelation and it screamed CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!
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Shattered Glass
        Haldir brought the hilt of his sword down upon the back Fire's head. Seething in rage, the March warden moved to drag the ranger into custody. Legolas stepped between the silver haired elf and Fire's prone body. Bow drawn tight. Arrow pointed dead center of the March warden's chest. The primitive fury of Legolas' eyes burned like blue flame, yet the cold utter stillness of his body was all warrior. Outrage at the handling of the now unconscious ranger, smothered all thoughts of rules or political protocol. His blinding fury was that of a predator defending his mate and Haldir was the unwitting prey. Mere moments passed as the two Elves stayed completely motionless. How long they would have continued thus, was anyone's guess. A groan brought the attention of the March warden firmly back to the Lady of the Woods.
Galadriel was being helped up off the floor by Lord Celeborn. Her face was a mask of such horror and misery that it stunned those assembled. Tears streamed down her cheeks like a silent river, and her hands shook where she clasped them to Celeborn's robe. Murmuring soothing words to his mate, Celeborn watched the ranger with anger in his eyes. Never had any person so harmed the Lady in her own realm. It was an unforgivable act of cruelty and also brought to light the severe danger the female ranger posed. Looking into Haldir's eyes, Celeborn gave the command to incarcerate the elleth in a private cell and to keep her drugged so she could do no more harm.
Haldir turned to face Legolas once more, only to find next to him stood the Dwarf hefting his axe and Aragorn with his hand on the hilt of his sword ready to defend their unconscious member. "We will not let you harm her! Your Lady asked to see into her mind and was warned that it might be too much to bear. She did not heed that warning and has paid the price. If you try to take Fire you will have to go through us.", Aragorn stated grimly. Sneering the March warden replied arrogantly, "We of the Galadhrim will not suffer those that bring evil to our lands and attack our Lady! She is revered for her kindness and her gifts, yet this elleth designed to bring grief and misery to our Lady's mind and soul. You will stand aside this instant and allow this female to be kept under guard until our Lady deems otherwise."
What could have turned into a bloody free for all, instead turned into an amazing battle of willpower, strength, courage and just plain pissed off hand to hand combat. Fire shook her head to clear the buzzing sound. Focusing on her surrounding, she saw her companions standing as a shield. About to ask what happened, Fire's mind clicked into high gear. Images floated into her now lucid mind and with it came a blinding hate. Staggering to her knees, the images wiped out all thoughts, except one; NEVER AGAIN!!
With an unearthly howl that sent shivers up the spines of all in hearing, Fire threw herself between Aragorn and Gimli. The March warden rocked back under the vicious blow to his jaw. The ranger was in a violent whirlwind of suppressed anger and pain. The emotions swirling in her mind made her volatile and uncontrollable. She grabbed Haldir by his tunic, dragging him with her as she dropped to the floor. The March warden landed hard on his back, winded due to the surprise tactics of the ranger, and the feet she planted squarely into his stomach, allowing her to propel Haldir over her body. As soon as she let go of Haldir's tunic, Fire bound to her feet and swiveled to face her prey. She circled around the March warden as he gained his feet. Twisting her body, she landed a very nasty kick to Haldir's already pained jaw. He saw stars for a moment before his anger rose to meet the ranger. They circled each other waiting for a weak spot or any small inattention that would garner an opening. Fire dodged slightly to the right, throwing her body back the other way hoping to breech the March warden's defenses. This time Haldir was ready for her. The silver haired elf's battle honed senses instinctively took over his actions and he backhanded her against a wall. Spitting blood from her split lip, Fire tried for another kick to his jaw, but Haldir grabbed her leg and flipped her onto the ground with a heavy thud. Laying face down, Fire retaliated faster then expected. Instead of gaining her feet, she rolled on her back and drove both powerfully muscular legs straight up and into Haldir. Turning a sickly shade of green, the March warden grabbed his excruciatingly painful groin area, where the ranger's feet had made solid contact. Panting heavily, Fire reached down to her belt and ripped free the dagger. She stalked towards where Haldir had dropped to the ground in serious agony. She would finish it now!
Legolas grasped her wrist from behind and wrenched the dagger from her tightly curled fist. He was surprised and dismayed at the ranger's actions, but he could see intense pain radiating from her eyes. Fire struggled against the arm he placed around her waist to prevent her from doing more extensive bodily harm to Haldir. The bloodlust raged through the wild elleth's veins in hot, angry streams. Turning on the new threat from behind her, the ranger tried to gain a hold on the blond elf's throat with her sharp teeth. Weather it was the scent of his skin, the familiar sound of his voice or the desire, that had only recently stirred her heart, being relit; Fire's bloodlust metemorphisized into seething lust directed solely at the elf, who held her tightly against his lithe form. Moving from the intended target of his throat, the ranger's mouth fused to Legolas' mouth in a long, searing kiss. Stunned by the swift change in the elleth's behavior, the elf could do nothing but return the kiss and deepen it. Lust slammed through Legolas' system tightening his body and blocking out everything, but the willing female in his arms. Neither noticed the way a glowing light encompassed them, nor that they had a very stunned and concerned audience.
          Gimli's amused voice broke the spell holding all participants and spectators enthralled. "Only an elf would be crazy enough to kiss that enraged she demon, instead of talking sense into her! Master Elf, I truly worry about your common sense! Chasing butterflies and singing to trees has addled your brain, Laddie." Pulling slightly away from the ranger, Legolas blushed to the tips of his ears at his short companion's very astute observation. Fire was stunned and sickened by her rash, unforgivable behavior. It frightened her, to no end, when she realized that had Legolas not stopped her, she would have probably killed the March warden in the haze of hate she was in.
Looking up into the worried eyes of the blond elf that held her close still, Fire began a desperate attempt to escape from vivid memories, the elf that embraced her so gently and her own guilt. Nearly free, the ranger heard a voice in her head ""Stop child, you are safe. I have seen your pain and sorrows. Do not think to outrun them for they haunt your very soul. I can help you if you would only give me the chance. Your Ada wished for me to help you, but you must not behave so violently again towards my people. I need to know you will give me your trust and gift to me the full honest truth of your heritage, before I can reveal what I know. "" Hanging her head in defeat, Fire sagged against Legolas' chest. "Alright Lady Galadriel I will tell you all I know about who I am and where I come from. I do not understand what you meant when you said 'my Ada asked you to help me'. I have no Ada for I have always been an orphan. I have no family save for the few friends I hold dear", the ranger stated outloud, quite perplexed. Galadriel's silvery laughter rang out suddenly. To everyone's profound amazement, The Lady of the Golden Woods glided down the stairs and looked in the ranger's confused eyes. The lady's soft voice carried around the room as she thoroughly stunned all those in attendance once more, with her gently spoken words. "Child, did Gandalf not tell you? I see by your expression he did not. Young one I am sorry to tell you in such a way, but Gandalf was your Ada."  

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