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12. The Forgotten Ones

Disclaimer: Still own the good for nothing gold fish, the ranger, a white leopard and a female sentinel of Lorien. As for the rest, sadly it is already owned by someone else.
A/N : ' this is thoughts'
Sorry this is such a short chapter but I like where I left it hanging lol I promise a much longer chapter13!! Hehe I hope you like the aftermath of Fire's healing of the elf's arm.
The Forgotten Ones
          Light filtered through the trees, waking the sleeping Fellowship high in the safety of their talans. Fire stretched and yawned, while she took in her surroundings. The argument with Haldir the night before and a very erotic dream had put her in a foul mood. Grumbling to Gimli, she wished the Dwarf a good morning before scurrying down to the forest floor.
Haldir watched her move nimbly from branch to branch, then drop a good ten feet to the ground. He watched as the she elf straightened, and took a deep breath of morning air. She was beautiful, but definitely not extraordinary. Hair too short, less graceful then most Elves, short of stature, and her clothing left much to be desired. 'Damn, arrogant and insulting too. Ah but that is what makes her different! She will be a challenge to tame, but the rewards should be more then sufficient for the trouble. I wonder how long of a fight she will put up. Here she comes now. Let the game begin!' Seeing her approach, Haldir leaned against the tree next to him and smirked at the ranger. "Well my lady, did you sleep well?", the silver haired elf said, looking her over aggressively from head to toe very, very slowly.
Fire was in no mood for the nasty March warden. Her dreams had been disturbing and she knew Legolas' was just as bad. A blush flooded her cheeks and stained her ears pink as her mind wandered back into the dreamscape of the night before. Pictures flew passed in a wave of jumbled images. Trying to shake off the effects of the dreams took time she knew, but the aroused, wild, overheated  feeling stayed solid. Beginning to breath heavy as desire rushed over her skin again, Fire ignored the elf leaning on the tree and continued past him.
 Assaulted again by the lust, her mind tried to drag the pictures into clearer focus. The feel of strong arms wrapped tight around her. The scent of sandalwood, leather and sweat nearly intoxicated her beyond thought. The sight of bare muscled chest and the taste of skin beneath her tongue. The feel of teeth scraping along her neck, as a curtain of gold blocked out reality. Greedy, searching mouth exploring heated skin. The feral need to feed the hunger. To take what is offered, and give in return. Pleasure. Pain. The violent, screaming, unfulfilled lust singing through blood and body.  
          Snarling in lust filled frustration, Fire slammed her fist hard against the rock beneath her once, twice, then a third time before the bloodlust subsided. She had been warned by Gandalf that the dreams would come, but sweet Eru, he had not told her how real they would feel. 'How can I face him with this still in my head? Worse yet, what will he think when he awakens? My own fault! Should have just left the idiot elf to his own ministrations. Hellfire and Damnation!  I crawled on his lap for Valar's sake. Had to prove to myself the elf did not effect me. Congratulations to me, the battle was won, but right now  the war would be lost!! One kiss is all it would take for me to surrender. How pathetic!' Lowering her head to her up drawn knees, Fire practiced how to breath. The day was going to be VERY long.
Orophin sat on a strong limb high above the forest floor. He kept watch for intruders, but also worried about the mountain cat that had showed up the day before. Briar, the female sentinel, seemed at ease with the beast, even calling it by name. Orophin like most Elves despised anything feline. Cats had been the chief ally to Morgorth during his reign. They were considered evil and unclean. He wondered where the feline had come from, for no sightings had been reported in the Golden Woods by any patrols. The intelligence of the cat's gaze unnerved him greatly and he prayed never to have to meet it again. He remembered stories told to elflings about the Forgotten Ones. The cat race that had long ago branched off from the rule of Chief of Cats,Tevildo. It was said that during the time of darkness, this small band of cats fought bravely against Morgorth and Tevildo. The head, of the rouge band of cats, was given the title king and his people were rewarded with immortality for their help against the encroaching darkness. They had faded into legend when the last of the Forgotten Ones royal family was taken captive, tortured, then murdered by Sauron. Shaking his head at the fanciful thoughts running through his overactive mind, Orophin put to bed the childish legends of his younger days. Focusing once more on the border, he returned to the duty of protecting his beloved wood.
Pippin watched Legolas with great interest. He was always up well before the Hobbit, so this was the first time he could really study the elf.. He had not found out about the strange secret of sleeping elves, until now. Elves slept with their eyes open!  It was creepy to see someone asleep like that, in the Hobbits opinion, but he guessed it was natural to Elves. Pippin over the course of a hour long study came to the conclusion, that Elves dream as well. The strange noises coming from the elf had woken the curious little Hobbit. At first he thought Legolas was in pain, but then he realized it was only a nightmare of sorts. Pippin was taken by surprise when the elf's eyes came into focus and he sat up wide awake.
Legolas sat up and looked around wildly. He could not control the small shudders that racked his lithe frame. The dream had be unlike any he had ever experienced. The aroused elf was still uncertain if it had been a dream or if it had been real. Vivid dreams were a part of Elven nature, but the intensity of this one dream surpassed all others. His body ached with unfulfilled desire. The urge to find the ranger and take her right where he found her nearly eclipsed his rigid control. He could still feel her skin gliding along his, flushed and slick with sweat. The scent of her lingered at the edge of his mind, a mixture of leather, vanilla, with just a hint of  cinnamon. The feel of her mouth exploring the contours of his body, while her hair slithered over his heated flesh, was so real he nearly cried out loud in pure lust. The look in her eyes, when she had raised herself over him, in order to claim his lips, was etched deeply in his mind. It had been a combination of gentle tenderness and wild need. His eyes searched out the ranger and was both relieved and disappointed to find her blankets empty. Gathering his scattered thoughts, Legolas gracefully stood and left the talan for some fresh air to banish the thoughts of the ranger. In moments, the elf spied the form of the ranger atop a rock. Instinct and befuddled senses had him stalking to the rock, grasping the startled ranger by the arms and hauling her into his arms for a deep hungry kiss.


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