A Peredhel's Fate

A Final Farewell

1. A Final Farewell


A Final Farewell  




Although we ride together, the journey passes in near silence, for what words can express my sorrow and guilt in leaving you?   I know that this will be the last journey we take together, and pray all the while that you will change your mind at the last – or that I will – but in my heart I know it will not be.  You are as set on this course as I am. 


You find such hope and strength in the rise of men and their realms – you always were more optimistic than I.  You do not despair as the flame of each brief lifespan flickers and dies, but see instead the glorious spark of passion to achieve and create so much in the short time they have.


At the quay we make our final farewell.  The words come at last, but are unnecessary.   Our last embrace, our tears, say more than any words ever could to express the emptiness I feel.  I stand at the stern of the ship, watching, as your figure dwindles into the distance, and know that now – and for evermore – I am alone.


Goodbye, my brother.  I will miss you to the end of my days.






Although we ride together, the journey passes in near silence.  I am reminded of so many other journeys together – escapades and adventures when we were children, routine patrols when we were oh-so-serious young warriors, the deadly chases and vengeful searches of later years.


And this – this will be the last journey we take together.   You have lost all joy in Arda, and can see only the fading of the elves and the loss of all we have ever loved.  Yet you do not despair, and are full of hope and longing for what will come.  You always were more optimistic than I. You ride with your eyes fixed on the distant horizon, the wondrous new land awaiting you, and the reunions that will follow this last, bitter parting.


At the quay we make our final farewell, the saddest I have ever known.  Already I can feel the emptiness in my heart as we embrace for the last time and our tears flow and mingle.  Standing on the dock, I watch until your ship fades into the faint sea mist, and I know that you are truly gone.


Goodbye, little brother.  I will miss you to the end of my days.


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