Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


49. Open Warefare and Flying Fur


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Open Warfare and Flying Fur



          Shock was too mild a word for those involved in the Storm of the Millennia. That Fire was embroiled in this latest mishap to Lothlorien was only to be expected. The slow threatening scream that emitted from her lungs like a strident bell was not! "RAVEN!!! You are DEAD, you vile, evil daughter of Morgoth! How dare you walk in here without warning! I am going to send you to Mandos myself you ungrateful wretch!!!" came the vicious snarling voice of the enraged ranger. It was all Legolas could do to hold back his mate from making good on her threats. The woodland prince eyed his adopted sister with a nasty glower that would have frightened any sensible being.


Unfortunately for all concerned Laurel was oblivious to the gravity of the situation. Fire's youngest triplet just grinned happily at Fire and Legolas before commenting cheekily, "Like you were even worried, Tygera! Ha! Probably was thrilled I was sent ahead of you!" The teasing tone was lost on Fire, as she went completely wild in the elf's embrace. One moment Legolas was holding his very angry mate and the next his arms were full of ferocious furry feline with razor sharp claws and really, really big teeth. Laurel's eyes widen suddenly in comprehension. Her sister was going to rip her apart! Backing up quickly as Fire pulled free from a struggling Legolas, Laurel began to weigh her current options: run, die, or change. In a bright flash of shimmering blue, Laurel went from prey to predator.


Elrohir looked on in shocked amazement as his best friend turned furry right before his eyes. He was not disgusted by the sight as he was great friends with the Wolven pack in the upper area of Imladris. What shocked him was that Fire had not confided in him! That she was one of the Cat People kind of threw him for a bit of a loop. His shock turned to utter disbelief  as he saw Legolas' sister change into one as well. The words Laurel had spoken finally made a bit of sense now! Elrohir was eternally glad it was Legolas that had to deal with the two of them and not him! Good thing too that he had decided not to keep up his pursuit of the crazy wood nymph after their first meeting. A female that could rip out your throat when she got upset was definitely not his idea of a pleasant companion!! He thought to offer his help to Legolas but Aragorn and Gimli had beaten him to the elf's side and had already volunteered. Elrohir wondered fleetingly if his grandsire would ever invite Fire and Laurel back to Lothlorien for any reason. Judging by Celeborn's face, the twin sincerely doubted it, but the small mischievous grin gracing Galadriel's lips told a different story. She was enjoying the spectacle!!


Pandemonium erupted as the two Felines met head on. Chairs flew back. Tables were tossed sideways onto the floor of the dining hall. Food and drinks were scattered haphazardly in all directions. Elves backed away warily from the ensuing battle with shocked and disapproving gazes. Celeborn was rapidly yelling orders. Legolas was trying to come between the two spitting cats. Snarling in Sindarin, the Mirkwood elf struggled to get free and enter the fray as Aragorn and Gimli held the archer back in a bruising embrace. Haldir kept a firm hand on Briar's shoulder to prevent his sentinel from entering the free for all. Briar just mumbled in frustrated annoyance at the March warden's interference and her sisters' antics. Elrohir sat back by Galadriel, in a chair against a far wall, drinking his wine slowly; all the while thanking the Valar profusely that the combatant felines were not his relatives; conveniently putting aside the fact that Fire had become Lord Elrond's ward and therefore his relative by adoption. All in all, the night was sure to be remembered by generations!


For the ten minutes that the fight lasted, multicolored fur flew in all directions, razor sharp claws raked against their opponent's claws and flesh, while the feral screams of the great cats echoed throughout the Golden Woods like a demented aria. The fight would have probably lasted much longer, but Fire's stomach decided the match. The long lack of solid food combined with two giant helpings of pheasant and the emotional upheaval of finding her dead sister alive was too much for her system to take. With a sudden moaning hiss, Fire lost, in a spectacular way, her lunch and the fight in one fell swoop. Laurel leaped back from Fire just in time to miss the disgusting mess that Fire made. Moving closer to Lord Celeborn, Laurel figured even Fire would not resume the fight right next to the Lorien Lord's leg. She was proven correct when Fire staggered over to a very worried Legolas and proceeded to collapse in a disheveled, groaning heap. Aragorn and Gimli let go of the elf, shaking their heads at the truly pitiful sight Fire made.


Fire looked like someone's unkempt pet. Tufts of fur were missing in large and small patches. Red furrows covered her sides and flanks. Her muzzle was wet and slimy from the mouth hold Laurel had used on her triplet; when Fire went for Laurel's throat. The ranger was making a weird sound somewhere between a moan and a hissing purr. The slight tremors that wracked her abused body began to calm as Legolas lifted Fire's head and placed it on his lap. Stroking Fire's white pelt gently from the top of her furry head to her shoulder blades and murmuring softly to the pathetic creature that was his mate, Legolas tried to come to grips with the fact that his adopted sister was Fire's dead sister. This was the scene that poor King Thranduil, of the Mirkwood realm, walked in on.


Elladan was thoroughly livid! First he had been trapped by the annoying female, then he had been interrogated about his twin; once the female had figured out that she had captured the wrong elf. After half an hour of his stubborn refusal to answer any of her questions, the female had gotten bored and left with a jaunty "I will send someone to release you soon." Now here he was, still tied upside down to the tree with no hope of escape, except for the annoying female or his twin; if Elrohir would just pay attention long enough to hear their twin speak. Something extremely strange was going on with Elrohir, because his younger twin seemed completely distracted and mildly relieved. Elladan vowed to pry into what was distracting his twin as soon as he was free. An odd snort of laughter brought the older twin out of his brooding thoughts. There was something vaguely familiar about the sound, but Elladan could not put his finger on just who it belonged to. Shock ran down his system as his spine stiffened in outrage. The husky female chuckle that followed on the heels of the snort was all too familiar. They had let her in Lothlorien!!


Standing below the captured twin stood two figures. One was a dark haired male with laughing green eyes who observed the twin's situation with amused sympathy. The other was a silvery haired female with lavender-gray eyes that took in the twin's plight with a malevolent smirk. "So vile Peredhil we meet again! Tell me son of Elrond, where you caught napping again or did you just walk blindly into this trap? I would have thought after the last time, you would have trained your senses better, but alas it seems that you will never improve your warrior skills. Would you like me to cut you down now or are you quite comfortable in that position?" the mocking, husky voice of the female floated up into the Mallorn tree and grated on the trapped twin's last nerve. A low growl of frustration mixed with blatant hatred was the female's only answer. Her laughter rang along the path as she skillfully clambered up the large Mallorn tree to sit next to the fuming elf. Reaching over behind the elf's head, the silver haired female undid the blindfold and met Elladan's furious grey eyes with her own amused one. With a quick shake of his head, the dark haired male below watched as his companion leaned into the still tied up elf and kissed him soundly. His twin was playing with the rabid Imladris lord again! He would just have to hope that it would not end in blood shed this time either.


Thranduil stood in the doorway to the dining hall completely and utterly still. His face registered a combination of shock, disbelief and amusement. Which Feline was his new law-daughter was easily evident, by the fact her furry head was propped up on Legolas' lap. Errant thoughts grazed the slightly addled mind of the Mirkwood King, 'Furry should not be a description of a family member! Where did I go wrong? Was I too strict or not strict enough raising Legolas? Now I can truly sympathize with Elrond. How did he survive his children with his sanity intact? I will have to ask him next time our paths cross. Celeborn looks positively ill!' The sight of a thoroughly ruffled Celeborn twitched a smile onto Thranduil's mouth. It was rare indeed to see his old nemesis caught so off guard. If it were not for the fact that his own kin was directly involved, it would have been a wonderful conversation piece upon his arrival home. Sometimes the Valar were so unfair!


Trying to pull his face back into a serious mask, Thranduil eyed his progeny with a baleful gaze. His law-daughter was a pitiful excuse for a lady under normal circumstances, but Fire was well beyond scruffy in her current condition. Legolas seemed to be in a deeply confused trance as the Mirkwood prince caressed his erstwhile mate; or was it petted? Shaking his head to clear his mind of such disturbing observations, the Mirkwood king stepped into the room and strode over to his son's  side. "Legolas I hope you have some explanation as to why your mate is in such a sorry condition and why the Lord and Lady's dining hall looks even worse then your mate."


 Legolas' blue eyes refocused on the reality of the situation in front of him then turn to meet his Ada's eyes with a mildly rueful gaze. The glint of humor hiding within the king's gaze bode well for the younger elf so Legolas allowed a nasty streak of sibling mischief to slide out. "Well it seems Ada, that your daughter is Fire's supposedly long dead sister, Raven. That hunk of fur cowering by Lord Celeborn's leg is actually our sweet Laurel! It seems my dear little sister has forgotten to mention a few minor things to us upon her arrival in Mirkwood. The fact that she is the youngest of triplets and a feline princess seems to have slipped her mind completely over the last twelve year, but alas she knew her older sister by sight when she came to dinner. It is truly amazing how her long buried memories came back to the forefront so swiftly this eve! At least we can be thankful Ada, that Laurel is part Istari and not part Orc!" Thranduil's depressed groan, at the horrible new development in his growing family tree, was audible to all in attendance.





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