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36. Blood Bindings and Protocol

Blood Bindings and Protocol
Protocol: A system of rules and regulations used to squeeze round pegs into square holes. It is a written or oral version of what is expected in every situation and dilemma in business, political or royal occasions. It is an unwise decision to go against protocol in certain times and places, as this can lead to insults, hurt feelings and in very bad times and bad manners… War! In the protocol of Elven Binding, the protocols are set in stone, so the happy couple to be can enjoy each moment of their gathering closeness. First, the male asks the female's family for courting rights, then after an acceptable amount of time, the male then asks for permission to bind the female to him. After the permission is granted, the couple pledge themselves and announces the start of their year long betrothal. At the end of the year, protocol demands a binding ceremony, with friends and relatives. If these protocols are not met, the threat of WAR could be imminent! Any deviation from the protocols is frowned upon greatly!!
A determined knock broke through the delightful haze Legolas was falling into. Pulling back slightly, he looked down into the dazed eyes of the ranger. It took two hard blinks for her to focus, and then she blushed and moved away. Eyeing the door with a disgruntled glare, Legolas marched over, flung it open and muttered darkly, "I thought I said to wait QUIETLY!" Spinning back around, Legolas stalked back into the living area, intent on getting another kiss from his mate.
Aragorn and Galadriel exchanged amused smiles, before trailing the huffy elf into the room. The elf's reaction to finding Fire pouring drinks from a bottle of wine, made them laugh out right. He stormed over to the ranger, lifted the bottle and glass from her hand, shoved the bottle at Aragorn and the glass to Galadriel, and then proceeded to kiss the startled ranger senseless. Lifting his head, the now happy elf gave Fire a quirky smile. "Would you like some wine, little one?"  He asked the now, dazed again, ranger. Suddenly focusing on their guests, Fire blushed then stomped on his foot. "I would love some!"  Came her sweet reply as she watched her now limping mate.
She sat there unmoving. The only real sign she still lived, was the rise and fall of her chest. Every few seconds, she blinked hard, as she tried to reform her brain properly. Three sets of worried eyes watched her. This was not the expected outburst that the three had waited for. Rage, Screaming, Physical Violence, any of those they expected, but Blinking was not. The golden haired elf was gently shaking her shoulders, as fear gripped his heart. The man began to pry the elf's fingers loose from the stunned, unmoving female. The elf's gentle shakes were getting a bit rougher, as worry ran rampant through his system. Seeing one's mate, in a catatonic state, was scary enough. When you throw in the fact, that the female had not, actually said "yes", to being that mate, it was nearly panic provoking.
A giant sigh escaped from the stunned ranger's lips and nearly gave Legolas the scare of his life. The sound of the sigh was the same awful sound heard on the battlefield as death claimed a victim. A second sigh, lighter then the first, soon followed. Aragorn nearly had his shoulder ripped out of joint, as Legolas pulled free from the man's grip and dropped to his knees in front of Fire's chair. The shell shocked green eyes stared into blazing blue. The semi horrified look told the elf she was coming to term with the unexpected news.
"Alright, let me get this straight. First, I was betrothed and set to become a bonded mate to you in a year, because the necklace you gave me went haywire. Now, you tell me that the blood, I did on your arm in Moria, is poisonous unless we hurry up our betrothal schedule AND BIND IN TWO DAYS!!! Have you taken leave of your senses, Elf?? Do you not know there are protocols to follow!! Lists I have to go through! Binding is one of the BIG lists Elrond gave me to study!! Do you know bonding involves dresses?? I hate dresses!! It involves compromise and lots of it!! I do not know how to compromise! I know I could learn, but I do not want to!!! Then there are the feasts, parties, gatherings! Do you elves ever just stop throwing shindigs at the drop of a hat?  Too many parties to do in two days!! Elrond's list says there is like five in the first three months of betrothal! How are we going to shove them all in there?? There is another list for the ceremony that is almost as long and then a list for after the ceremony and…"  Fire's tirade that had started out calm and escalated to hysterical came to an abrupt halt.
Fire turned white as snow, then bright tomato red, then white again, before going a combination of both and turning sickly pink. She opened her mouth four times, with no sound. Then with a hideously demented squeak she blurted out, "OH NO!! List three is off limits. No, no, Oh Heck NO!! I refuse damn damn double damn!" Legolas watched in bemusement, as the ranger scuttled swiftly over the back of the chair, shaking her head wildly. The fact that she was half hysterical over lists, of all things, should have made the elf question her sanity. He watched as she began changing from pink to red, while pacing the living area muttering about her lists. Galadriel had put a gentle restraining hand on Aragorn's shoulder as her voice had whispered through his mind to let his friend handle the ranger. So the two sat back, drank their wine and settled in to watch the outcome of the show.
Legolas let her pace the floor muttering for a few minutes. The emotions that the ranger projected were varied and jumbled. As she went white, her feelings ran to fear, uncertainty, and utter nervousness. As she went red, her feeling ran hot in a swirl of love, doubt, lust, excitement and embarrassment. When she turned sickly pink it was a combination of them all. The elf thought over her words and then it hit him! List one was the betrothal list, List two was the Binding ceremony and that made List three after the ceremony. The ranger's reactions charmed him, when he realized, what the problem with List three was; the binding night!!
Walking over to the still muttering ranger, Legolas drew her gently into his arms, when she collided heavily with him. Her frown could have frozen an Orc. "Unhand me you, Idiot Elf!! If you think, for even one minute, that I am going to do ANY of that stuff, the Twins wrote for List three, you are insane!!! Actually, I still think, half of it is not even possible!! Now let me go!!!"  Fire hissed. Pulling her closer, Legolas held her gently, as his mouth whispered across her cheek in a sweet caress. Seeing the involuntary shiver that ran along the ranger's spine, he spoke into her ear so low only Fire could hear him. "We will take List three as slow as you need. I love you, little one. We will have all night to consummate our binding. I, for one, do not want to rush such a wonderful and special night."
The sigh Fire gave was one of resignation. Peeking shyly up at him, Fire muttered softly, "I am going to hold you to that, Elf." The utterly sweet smile that Legolas flashed the ranger made her heart melt, just a bit. She was still not happy about List three, but she was guessing it had to be better then death! Legolas took Fire's lips in a deep, slow, hungry kiss that made her world spin off center. The elf's feelings burst over the ranger and wrapped her in a cocoon of love and desire. It was awhile before either of the remembered their two guests.

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