Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

9. Chapter 8 Morning

The elves from Greenwood elft the next morning and were gone before Thranduil awoke. He had spent the night in Elros' Bed clinging to the older elfling. The bottle of sleeping potion Glorfindel had brought lay by the bed empty.

"Alright you two get up!" said Elrond. "Get up or we'll miss breakfast! Valar knows Thranduil weighs little enough as it is!"

"My dear brother you are only fifty years old and you already cluck like an old hen!" said Elros. "I feel sorry for any children the Valar may decide to bless you with."

"Pbht!" came Elrond's reply as he stuck his tounge out at his twin.

Thranduil got out of bed, still disorinted by the dreamless sleeping potion. Elrond and Elros helped him dress. When they pulled off his nightshirt they noticed his ribs were clearly visible beneath his skin. Thranduil was underweight even for an elfling.

"What has he been eating?" asked Elrond, speaking in Quenyan so Thranduil didn't understand what he said.

"Not much by the looks of it," said Elros. "Considering what we know, I think he's been too stressed to eat."

"Are you sure Oropher didn't starve him?" asked Elrond.

"I don't think Oropher cared to see to it his son ate," said Elros. "But I am sure from what I heard Gailon saw to it Thranduil had food. I just think he couldn't hold it down."

"You may be right," said Elrond.

By the time they arrived in the dinning hall Elrond went to Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel and told them what he had seen that morning. Celeborn told the elfling that he had already noticed and out take care of the problem. Thranduil found is appitite that morning. Some of the Lindon elves asked if Oropher had starved the elfling. Gil-Galad suspected as much, but brushed aside their questions.

"He's only twenty-five and still growing."

Few elves believed that there was more to this than the High King let on, but none wanted to question him. There was also the question of why had Oropher left and Thranduil stayed behind. Gil-Galad informed the curious, that this was none of their concern. Gil-Galad, Celeborn and Galadriel had decided descresion was best for the elfling. They wanted him to have a normal childhood, not be the object of pity. They also wanted to protect him from unwanted and unwarrented stares. Only those who needed to know would be told the truth.

After breakfast the twins had archery pratise. Thranduil pouted when he was told that he was too young. Elrond and Elros tried to perswade Glrofindel to let him come anyway. Gror and Fror volunteered to watch Thranduil while the twins were in pratise. The twins were very adiment about not leaving Thranduil anywhere or with anyone.

"Oropher left this morning with the other Greenwood elves," said Glorfindel. "He's not going to vanish in the two hours you have archery pratice."

"When can I start learning archery?" asked Thranduil.

"In another twenty years, then you'll be old enough," said Glrofindel. "Your foster parents would have my head if I let you anywhere near the pratice fields at your age!"

Fror and Gror managed to take Thranduil out to the gardens as Glorfindel marched the twins out to the archery field..

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