Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

21. Chapter 20: Family

Soon it was time for the twins to return to Lindon. Glorfindel came to get them. Glorfindel when told what they had been up to smiled.

“You wouldn't be smiling if it were your hair they turned pink,” said Haldir. Glorfindel laughed at this.

“You would suit that Haldir,” he said. Glorfindel noticed there was still a pink tinge to the march wardens hair Haldir scowled.

“ scowling the wind might change and you will look like that always” said Galadriel the twins and Thranduil laughed the twins followed Glorfindel with their packs in tow. Thranduil realized that they were leaving. He started to cry.

“Please do not leave me,” he said

“Don't worry little one,” said Glorfindel. “I'll have them back before the first snows, I promise. Besides I don't think Lindon would survive them much longer than that.” Everyone laughed except the twins.

“Promise?” asked Thranduil.

“Promise,” said Glorfindel “besides my wife would have my head if I didn't”

Thranduil hugged Glorfindel around his knees. Glorfindel hugged him back then they were off. Thranduil went to Celebrian and Echuirlass. They cuddled him

“Dry your tears little elfling,” said Celebrian

“Who will make the bad dreams go away?” asked Thranduil.

“There are a lot of elves that would happily do that,” said Celebrian.

“Or she elves,” said Echuirlass.

“Exactly.” said Celebrian. “Besides if you tell nana and adar, they will even come and comfort you.”

Thranduil nodded, “But I don't know where their room is.”

Celebrian and Echuirlass took his hand and showed him Celeborn and Galadriel's room Then Celebrian showed Thranduil her room he liked her room best.

“It is very pretty,” said Thranduil.

“Do you want to stay with me tonight?” asked Celebrian

“Please?” said Thranduil “I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want you to, silly elfling,” she said Thranduil hugged her Celebrian hugged back. “It's ok Muindor Nin. I'll miss them too.”

Galadriel came to them “Thranduil, time for bed little one,” she said

“Yes, Nana,” said Thranduil. “Nana would you tuck me in and read me a story.”

Galadriel agreed. Celebrian asked if Thranduil could stay with her tonight, this was agreed. Galadriel tucked Thranduil in for a nap she got out a book and sat by the bed and read it to him. Soon Thranduil was asleep. Galadriel tucked him and put a snuggle bunny in with him. Thranduil put his right arm around the bunny and his left thumb in his mouth Galadriel smiled and the two she-elves left him Galadriel told Celeborn of what she saw “Awe how cute,” said Celeborn. Celeborn snuck into the room with pencil and sketchpad. He drew what he saw he smiled while he did so Thranduil slept peacefully till supper time when he awoke Celeborn showed him the drawing Thranduil looked at it and blushed.

“No need for that,” said Celeborn “your a beautiful elfling”

“Was I really sucking my thumb like a baby,” he asked.

“Yes but do not be ashamed,” said Celeborn

“Why only babies suck their thumbs,” said Thranduil

“No elflings do too” said Celeborn Thranduil smiled and snuggled into his arms. “I still suck mine once and awhile,” said Celeborn quietly.

“You do?” said Thranduil, “Galion said it was bad for your teeth”

“Yes I do, although your nana doesn't know that” said Celeborn.

Thranduil said, “I won't tell”

“Good ion,” said Celeborn giving him some lembas to chew on. Soon they were in the dinning hall. Thranduil sat between Galadriel, Celeborn. Celeborn showed Galadriel the picture.

“Oh meleth you’re so talented,” she said. Celeborn blushed and Galadriel kissed him “and you’re cute when you blush.”

“ADA NANA do you have to do that in public!” said Celebrian her parents smiled at her

“You will be doing that one day said Celeborn

“Ewwwwwwwwwe!” Said both Celebrian and Thranduil.

“No way,” said Celebrian.

“Yucky!” said Thranduil they both hopped down from the table and ran to their rooms.

“Elflings,” said Celeborn.

(A/N I know this is kind of soon, but I wanted to go ahead and finnish up Sworn Brothers. I will be starting a squel soon

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