Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

19. Chapter 18: Mischief.

After only a week in Lothlorien, the twins started pranking. At first it was only minor things that only warranted a scolding or a time out. What angered Celeborn the most was that they pulled Thranduil into their mischief. Whatever the twins were doing, Thranduil wanted to be a part of. When caught the only thing that would happen to him was he was taken away from the twins and/or tickled. Often the twins got a long lecture about being a bad influence on Thranduil.

Then one night the twins decided to go on a night raid. They sneaked out of bed and took Thranduil with them. First they raided Lord Celeborn’s garden for berries and beets. Thranduil was a little uncertain about this. Then they raided Lady Galadrieal’s orchid for fruit. Thranduil was rather uneasy about this. Then they went some where to eat their ill gotten gains and get beet juice for their next prank. When the twins told Thranduil they were going to dye Haldir’s hair pink, he decided that he was sleepy and wen back to bed.

The next morning, Haldir woke up with pink hair. His brothers were the first to notice. Orphon had a giggling fit. He sounded like he was being attacked by dwarflings who were notorious for tickling elves silly. Rumil gave and exasperated sigh.

“The Peredhel twins have struck again,” said Rumil. “Looks like they used beet juice. I should be able to get most of it out. However I think we should tell our lord and lady first.”

After Rumil and Haldir told Lady Galadriel about what had happened, she sent for the elfings. Every elfing in Caras Galdhon was brought to her. She inspected every hand for beet juice stains. The found slight traces beneath the finger nails of Elrond, Elros and Thranduil.

“I expected as much from the twins, but I am very disappointed in you Thranduil,” said Galadriel. “You need to learn to make your own decisions instead of following the twins in every thing they do.”

“He didn’t help us dye Haldir’s hair,” said Elrond.

“As soon as he found out what we were going to do with the beet juice, he left,” said Elros.

“Even if he didn’t help you dye Haldir’s hair, he was involved,” said Galadriel. “You two will spend two days in the time out room. Thranduil will spend two days under my supervision.”

Celeborn took the twins to the time out room. Thranduil stayed with Galadriel as she went about her day. The first of her duties was to oversee the she elves in the kitchen and get breakfast started. For awhile Thranduil watched the she elves prepare the morning meal then he got bored.

“Nana, can I help too?” he asked.

Celebrian laughed, “Silly cooking is for she elves, not elves.”

“Gailon cooks and he’s an elf.” Said Thranduil. “Please Nana, I want to learn to cook.”

Galadriel smiled, “You are too little to handle sharp thing and hot things, but if it keeps you out of trouble, you may learn how to cook.”

Over the next two days he learning a little about cooking, he helped measure and pout ingredients for receipts and he stirred batter for cakes and cooking and what ever didn’t have to be cut or heated. Thranduil had the time of his life.

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