Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

18. Chapter 17: Spring Leaf

That evening, before supper the twins and Thranduil were on their way to the dinning hall. Thranduil was walking between the twins. As they reached the table and were about to be seated, Celebrian grabbed Thranduil. The twins suppressed the urge to give her horribly angry looks so as not to upset the younger elfling.

“Thranduil sits with us to night,” said Celebrian firmly. “You have been monopolizing his time and I want to get to know my foster brother.”

Celebrian took Thranduil over to where her friend Echuirlass was sitting. Echuirlass was a she elfling between Thranduil’s age and Celebrian’s age.

“Thranduil, this is my friend Echuirlass,” said Celebrian. “Echuirlass, this is my little brother, Thranduil.”

Thranduil wanted to say, “I’m not little.” However when Echuirlass greeted him all he could do was blush and hide behind Celebrian and realize that he was little.

“Thranduil is shy,” said Celebrian.

“I think she’s pretty,” Thranduil whispered to Celebrian.

“Would you like to sit next to me?” asked Echuirlass?

Thranduil nodded and sat down next to her.

“You’re very pretty, like Nana,” said Thranduil. Both Echuirlass and Lady Galadriel blushed. “Why did you turn pink? Did I say something wrong?” Echuirlass blushed even more and hugged Thranduil.

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong,” said Echuirlass as she kissed Thranduil’s check, causing him to blush. Over the course of dinner, Thranduil became more comfortable with Echuirlass. The twins, who were used to having Thranduil all to themselves, pouted. Though they were happy for Thranduil, they were still mad at Celebrian. They would have to go back to Linden all too soon. She could spend time with him then.

“Elrond Peredhel, Elros Peredhel, you two will stop pouting like spoilt elflings, before I send you to bed with out dessert,” warned Lord Celeborn.

“Yes sir,” they both said.

The twins stopped playing with their food and ate in silence. This was not quite the reaction Lord Celeborn had been hoping for, but at least they didn’t start another food fight like they did five summers ago. As for desert, Thranduil’s face lit up like the star of Earendil itself when he saw that the Lady had his favorite dessert made. Many of the elves laughed. They had never seen anyone, even elflings react that way to something as simple as honey cookies and milk before.

“It doesn’t take much to make him happy, does it?” asked Lady Galadriel.

“No it doesn’t,” said Lord Celeborn.

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