Alternate Perspectives Challenge

Important Business

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A slightly different view of the Council Of Elrond.

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Ch# Title Words Updated
1 Important Business 205 16 Sep 14
Appx. Word Count 205  

Challenge Entries by Jay of Lasgalen

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Challenge Type Title Entered
2010 Birthday Cards Closed Jay's 2010 Birthday Stories February 01, 2010
A Peredhel's Fate Oliphaunt A Final Farewell August 25, 2009
The Sons of Elrond at the Field of Celebrant Closed Primary Sources April 19, 2009
Thranduil: the true story Oliphaunt King's Promise, A February 04, 2009
January 2009 Birthday Cards Closed Jay's 2009 Birthday Presents February 04, 2009
X takes the Ring - AU challenge Closed A Lesser Treason October 07, 2008
The Sons of Elrond at the Field of Celebrant Closed The Legend Of The Grey Riders March 14, 2008
January 2008 Birthday Cards Closed Jay's 2008 Birthday Presents February 02, 2008
Wanderers Speak Nuzgûl To See The Sea January 21, 2008
X takes the Ring - AU challenge Closed Dark Elf January 20, 2008
Bilbo Never Found the Ring Nuzgûl Discovery In The dark October 23, 2007
Party Time! Closed Brotherly Love October 03, 2007
Quickies Qtr. 1/ 2007 Nuzgûl Star Gazing January 22, 2007
A Tale within a Tale Closed To Tell A Tale: A Narrow Escape October 20, 2006
A Short AU Challenge Oliphaunt Dark Elf October 20, 2006
Silmarils are an Elf's Best Friend... Closed Dragon's Gold March 09, 2006
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil Closed Till Death Us Do Part October 03, 2005
An Exciting Drabble Challenge Closed Jay's (Adult) Drabbles September 05, 2005
Chance Meetings Closed Short Rest, A August 29, 2005
A Short AU Challenge Closed Dark Elf June 08, 2005
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil Closed To The Ends Of Middle Earth April 24, 2005
Alternate Perspectives Challenge Closed Important Business April 24, 2005
WWI Poets Challenge Closed High Flight November 09, 2004
The Forgotten Ones Closed Telparian November 07, 2004
When Out the Hellish Legion Sallied... Closed Houseless Ones, The October 30, 2004
Thranduil's Letter Challenge Closed King's Promise, A September 10, 2004
Kids do the darndest things... Closed Of Balrogs And Battles September 04, 2004
Thranduil: the true story Closed Telparian February 17, 2004
Winter Solstice Celebrations Closed Mid Winter's Eve January 13, 2003

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Story Information

Author: Jay of Lasgalen

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 04/24/05

Original Post: 04/24/05

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