Blue Wizards

Recalled to Life

Story Summary

In a time of happiness, a man comes to Gondor, bringing war with him. AU

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 Return of the Istari 688 01 Feb 04
2 The Missing Companion 1,918 01 Feb 04
3 An Exchange 3,448 01 Feb 04
4 Reacquainting 3,075 07 Feb 04
Appx. Word Count 9,129  

Challenge Entries by Julie Poe

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Elrond the Bard Nuzgûl Fall of Lonely Hearts, The February 11, 2004
Blue Wizards Closed Recalled to Life February 10, 2004

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Story Information

Author: Julie Poe

Status: Beta

Completion: Complete

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 02/08/04

Original Post: 02/01/04

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