October 2008 Birthday Cards

Raksha's 2008 Birthday Prezzies

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For my birthday, I gave this prompt:

Faramir is known for his compassion as well as his keen intellect and considerable hunkitude (alright, Tolkien didn't specify the latter, though I personally think he implied it). I would like to see a drabble or ficlet showing Faramir angry, passionately angry, or coldly angry, or raging (which, although I can't see it happening often, would certainly be a sight to behold). If that prompt doesn't ignite your Muse, I'd be delighted wtih practically anything Faramir except slash.

Here are the stories inspired by the prompt!

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Challenge Entries by Raksha

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Challenge Type Title Entered
2010 Birthday Cards Closed The Battle of the Kitchens January 31, 2010
October 2008 Birthday Cards Closed Raksha's 2008 Birthday Prezzies October 31, 2008
Birthday Challenge: HASA Turns Four Closed Marking Fours July 09, 2007
The Steward and the King Closed The Falcon and the Star March 25, 2007
All Good Beasts Oliphaunt Luck From The Ashes February 17, 2007
All Good Beasts Oliphaunt Birthday Kisses February 17, 2007
The Anti-Valentine's Day Quickie Closed Fading Embers February 17, 2007
January 2007 Birthday Challenge Closed Son of the Elves January 19, 2007
Tolerance Challenge Closed Inroads January 17, 2007
Many Generations of Men Nuzgûl The Tracks of Time January 08, 2007
Yule Mathom Challenge 2005 Closed Gaiety In Gondor December 07, 2005
An Exciting Drabble Challenge Closed Making A Garden August 19, 2005
Mother's Day Nuzgûl Releasing The Reins May 07, 2005
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Closed Comfort Me Not With Cookies August 20, 2004

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Author: Raksha

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 11/16/08

Original Post: 10/31/08

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