April 2008 Birthday Cards

Fliewatuet's 2008 birthday drabbles

Story Summary

I know I have been awfully quiet of late, but I'd still like to make a request for a birthday drabble. My birthday is April, 29th and I am turning 40. Since my all-time favourite character is Aragorn, I would like to read how he dealt with that age (or the Dúnedain equivalent of 40). This can be anything from a birthday party to mid-life crisis. Though I wouldn't mind reading about your favourite character either :-)

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 Forty - Nath 93 01 May 08
2 Messengers From The West 283 01 May 08
3 His Birthday Wish 426 02 May 08
Appx. Word Count 802  

Challenge Entries by fliewatuet

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Challenge Type Title Entered
April 2008 Birthday Cards Closed Fliewatuet's 2008 birthday drabbles May 30, 2008
Change One Thing, See What Happens Closed Doomed to Live August 08, 2005
April 2005 Birthday Cards Closed Fliewatuet's 2005 Birthday Presents April 13, 2005
Sophisticated Cultures and Primitive Peoples Closed Frost and Thaw March 11, 2005
Tagteam Challenge, The Closed Frost and Thaw March 11, 2005

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Author: fliewatuet

Status: General

Completion: Ongoing Serial

Rating: General

Last Updated: 05/02/08

Original Post: 04/30/08

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