Marital Spats

A Man's a Man

Story Summary

There's a wedding in the air for the Telcontar family. Now King Elessar just has to find the bridegroom. Or just a bridegroom. And that's just the start of his problems...

Superficially, odd Strider's offspring fic- but mostly about men, elves and sex. Started with the 'Death to Fannon!' challenge, then wondered off somewhere... else. Started as 'drama', but I think 'humour' is now more to the point.

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 White, black 1,318 06 Apr 06
2 What Ellë didn't know 2,712 06 Apr 06
3 Sleep on the problem 6,862 04 Dec 06
4 Awakening 6,322 20 Oct 06
5 In the study of the King 3,104 28 Jan 07
6 The Province of Women 9,589 03 Jun 07
Appx. Word Count 29,907  

A Man's a Man is Entered in These Challenges

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Challenge Type Entered
Death to Fanon! Closed April 19, 2005
Marital Spats Closed October 30, 2006
Culture and sexuality Oliphaunt October 30, 2006

Challenge Entries by Soubrettina

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Culture and sexuality Oliphaunt Thawing Lily January 10, 2007
Culture and sexuality Oliphaunt A Man's a Man October 30, 2006
Mortality Closed Strange awakenings October 30, 2006
Marital Spats Closed A Man's a Man October 30, 2006
Your Favorite Poem! Closed Strange awakenings June 16, 2005
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil Closed Taking Leave April 25, 2005
Death to Fanon! Closed A Man's a Man April 19, 2005
One Pint Too Many Closed Unusual Prelude, An April 17, 2005

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Story Information

Author: Soubrettina

Status: Beta

Completion: Work in Progress

Rating: General

Last Updated: 06/03/07

Original Post: 04/17/05

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