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We Stand

Story Summary

Not all of the Men of Gondor must have despaired before the Battle of the Pelennor. A short poem based on John McCrae's 'In Flanders Field'.

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Ch# Title Words Updated
1 We Stand 86 28 Oct 14
Appx. Word Count 86  

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Challenge Type Entered
WWI Poets Challenge Closed November 06, 2004
Your Favorite Poem! Closed February 24, 2005

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Your Favorite Poem! Closed We Stand February 24, 2005
Your Favorite Poem! Closed Who Wouldn't Be A Ranger February 24, 2005
Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge Closed Arwen, My Love November 15, 2004
WWI Poets Challenge Closed We Stand November 06, 2004
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night Closed Horror Amassed March 17, 2004
Harvest Home Onlist Challenge Closed We Who Remain March 11, 2004
Things That Go Bump In the Night Closed In the Dark Wood December 05, 2003
Denethor Poetry Writing Challenge Closed Abandon Choice July 23, 2003

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Story Information

Author: Elvenesse

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 11/01/04

Original Post: 10/12/04

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