Show Me Fear!

Me Again

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Faramir visits his old home and meets a mysterious stranger.

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Challenge Entries by Noldo

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Son of Ecthelion Closed Crossroads November 10, 2004
Sophisticated Cultures and Primitive Peoples Closed Envinyanta November 04, 2004
Oh, the library... Nuzgûl Envinyanta October 16, 2004
Kids do the darndest things... Closed Boromir's First Shield September 15, 2004
Show Me Fear! Oliphaunt Me Again August 05, 2004
Three Colours Trilogy challenge Closed White For Mourning August 05, 2004

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Author: Noldo

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 07/24/04

Original Post: 07/16/04

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