Mary Sue Challenge

Nár Tinwen (or: a Journey of Names)

Story Summary

Tinwen is a Maia, Arien's youngest sister. Her life is a journey, a quest for something she cannot name. She finds love and loses it several times, and many are those who perish with her name on their dying lips. For Tinwen, Tinwen of many names and many shapes, is beautiful and more. Perfect for the Mary Sue Challenge: My first fic and looks like one, too! Cast like a baroque opera: all and sundry from gods to hobbits.

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 A Spark of Almaren 2,052 31 Jul 02
2 A Flame of Aman 685 31 Jul 02
3 Heat Underground 1,360 31 Jul 02
4 A Flickering Ember 550 31 Jul 02
5 Ashes in Angamando 731 31 Jul 02
6 A Light Rekindled 1,095 31 Jul 02
7 Sunbeam and Moonray 1,669 31 Jul 02
8 A Hidden Lamp 582 31 Jul 02
9 A Solitary Fire 617 31 Jul 02
10 A Warm Home for the Winter 331 31 Jul 02
Appx. Word Count 9,672  

Challenge Entries by Arwen Imladviel

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Dram of Evil/Seed of Goodness Closed Anna - The Gift of A Soul June 09, 2003
Movie Challenge Closed From Shadow to Shadow June 05, 2003
How Do I Love Thee Challenge Closed Love Song to Tinwen, A March 23, 2003
Make 'em Laugh Closed Brandywine January 05, 2003
Mary Sue Challenge Closed Nár Tinwen (or: a Journey of Names) January 02, 2003
Make 'em Laugh Closed Tale of a King, The January 02, 2003

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Story Information

Author: Arwen Imladviel

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/02/03

Original Post: 07/30/02

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