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May 26th is Memorial Day in the U.S. There are many views on what that day will mean this year, and of course, many here are from places other than the U.S., so Monday lacks any particular significance for them.

However, we are all facing war this year, and in the spirit of reflection on war and its implications in general, and of viewing war and remembrance through the lens of Tolkien's works in particular, members are challenged to write the following:

One character's remembrance of war. This could be a eulogy, a lament, a memory, a visit to someone's grave--anything that serves as a meditation on what war means. The only restriction is that the work must be no more than 500 words in length.

This Challenge was issued Saturday, May 24, 2003 to the Henneth Annûn yahoo list, and closed May 26, 2003 at midnight, PST. Entries have been collected and entered under one collective author identity, each work being a separate chapter.

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HA Writers Group - War and Remembrance
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Last Updated: 28 May 03
This is a collection of short fics written by various Henneth Annûn members in response to the "Memorial Day Onlist Challenge."

Stories are arranged more or less chronologically. Titles serve as chapter headings. Authors' names are included in their chapters.

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Open Date: May 25, 2003

Closed: May 26, 2003

Challenge Topic: Holiday/Date/Season

Entries: 1

Originator: Dwimordene

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