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Boys and girls, moms and dads, all ye come and gather round! The time is come to fetch your feathery quills and small scraps of parchment to set down the fairy-tales and nursery rhymes of Middle-earth!

In the tradition of Mother Goose and/or the Brothers Grimm, write us a story, poem, or nursery rhyme that incorporates the peoples, places and mystical things of Middle Earth. Tell the tale of Shelob and Samwise in the form of a poem! Or if that doesn't strike your fancy, how about a character that no one yet knows? What about a naughty little boy of Rohan who teases the horses and puts ink in people's tea? Or a Hobbit cobbler with an enduring love of liquorish?

The tale or poem may be one of morality, academic instruction (like an ABC's song), or just a plain bit of fun.

Since this is a challenge of fairy-tale and wonder, there ought to be no restrictions on subject matter. Please, though, stay in Middle Earth! This should not be difficult; it's rather large! The limit on length should be between 10-15 pages. Anything that could be used as a one-shot bedtime story or poem is fine.

Well, good luck!

Goodnight, goodnight!
Let not bed-bugs bite!
Now Mother and Father
shall tuck you in tight!

What was that rumble?
Don't worry your head!
Tis but a Nuzgul--
hiding under your bed!

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Alawa - Tickle the Ranger
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Aug 03
Come play Tickle the Ranger - you know you want to! A Middle-earth children's rhyme.
Avon - Colours of the Forest
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 May 03
What's the Sindarin word for wallow? ;-)
fileg - Home By Morning
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Mar 04
A love poem from the heart of war and a Nursery Rhyme to scare the daylights out of the little ones when you tuck them in.

Mithril Awards 2003 - Runner-up - Best Poetry
fileg - All of Them Together
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 May 03
Boromir and Thorongil, singing and an honorable surrender.
fileg - Queen and her Pussycats Went to Sea, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 29 Apr 03
Queen Beruthiel and her cats, with apologies to Edward Lear.
For the Mother Goose in Middle Earth challenge.
Lady Lindiriel - Goldilocks and the Three Trolls
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 Aug 03
Goldilocks and the Three Trolls is told by Sam to his eager children one spring afternoon early in 1436 SR. Though not originally written for the "Middle Earth Mother Goose" challenge, it fit in well here. Like Goldberry's "make haste while the sun shines", this contains a saying that changed since Sam first told the tale. General humor, gentle romance, and bad puns.
Lasbelindi - Nazgûl Recipe for Baby-Toe Stew
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 May 03
Papa's hungry.
Lasbelindi - Clever Little Maid of Gondolin, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 May 03
A clever little poem about a clever little Elf. Sometimes disobedience pays off.
lindelea - Ballad of Isildur and Elendil, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 May 03
A lullaby of Gondor, sung over the centuries: Training those who lived in Gondor started as early as the singing of cradle songs. Entered in the Mother Goose challenge. [If it seems a bit repetitious, just remember that the purpose of a lullaby is to put little ones to sleep...]
Nienna - Lad at the Bell & the Broom, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Jun 03
Entry for the Children's Poetry Challenge. A tale of the rascal son of an innkeeper.
Nienna - Queen Beruthiel and Her Cats of Ten
General Audience
Last Updated: 31 May 03
An entry for the Children's Poetry Challenge. I just *had* to write one about Beruthiel.
Starlight - Ere you drift off to sleep
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Apr 03
Faramir and Elboron share a few rhymes and more. Legolas gets a cameo. Entry for the ME Mother Goose challenge.
Thevina Finduilas - Ents Go Marching, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Mar 04
A children's song for the Mother Goose challenge. My apologies to Rebus Rhymes or whoever first came up with the original text... it was too obvious a joining not to write. ;)
Tinni - Iadel
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Jul 04
The story of Finwe and Miriel, the mother of Feanor, adapted to fit a well known fairy tale. Which one? I'll let you guess.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Evening Nightshade
Entry Date: 18 Apr 03
Entry Date: 15 Aug 03

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Open Date: April 17, 2003

Closed: August 17, 2003

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Entries: 17

Originator: Lasbelindi

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