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AU - Arwen is in Rivendell when Gilraen is taken there with her son after the death of Arathorn. Would Aragorn and Arwen still fall in love? (possible reasons why not: he's grown up thinking of her as a big sister; she can remember the (sometimes annoying) child he was; incest taboo). Who would he be likely to fall in love with instead? Have fun!

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JDE - The Song Of Sunset
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 17 Oct 09

The Song of Sunset is a set of stories set in the same AU. While some of them hold true to canon, the rest digress from it. It is the tale of the Noldor Royal House as told by the scions of the House of Finwe;. From Fingolfin and Maglor in The Journal arc that is set in the 1st Age, the tale is taken up by Elrond and Galadriel in the Song of Sunset arc set in the Second age and onwards.

This story forms the basic framework of the Sunset plot.

Set in Gil-Galad's court at Lindon. A lonely, young Elrond Half-Elven is trying to find where he belongs. He doesn't care a whit about Gil-Galad's attraction to Erestor Maglorion until he discovers during a sunset that he desires Erestor. The doom of Finwe continues to haunt its scions. Galadriel emerges as a major political player of the Second Age, with her nephews ruling in Lindon and Eregion. But Eregion happens and in its aftermath, Elrond is forced to admit that mere infatuation did not scratch the surface of his regard for Erestor. Elrond must choose between loyalty and love even as Galadriel seeks redemption for her fallen house. Unwilling to yield an inch to each other, they hatch intrigues, unlikely alliances and ruthless plans in a battle of means and ends.

The laws of the Gods cannot rule the passions of our hearts.

Warnings, Assumptions et al.

  • This may contain a lot of mistakes on the punctuation side of things.
  • It is recommended to read The Song of Sunset before you read the Journal arc.

Warnings: homosexual content, heterosexual content, graphic sex, infidelity, unholy matrimony, rape, violence, wars, tragedy, character deaths, AU.

Canon: The Silmarillion.

Original characters introduced:

  • Carnilótë: Maglor's wife. Bears him a daughter and a son(Erestor).
  • Menelwen: Maglor's daughter.
  • Aldor: The chieftain of a human settlement near Eregion.
  • Vanima: Daughter of Ingwion; granddaughter of Ingwë.
  • Anoriel: Daughter of Amdir, sister to Amroth of Lorien.
  • If I remember the rest of them, I'll come back and update. Leaky bucket memory.
Nienna - Turn Your Face to the Dawn
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 May 03
AU-- Arwen is at Rivendell when Gilraen arrives with her son. You couldn't fall in love with the person you've looked upon all your life as big sister, could you? Chapter 1, 1/2 fourth draft, 1/2 third draft, posted. Drama/Romance
paranoidangel - Tale of Aragorn and Arwen - Brother and Sister
General Audience
Last Updated: 29 Apr 03
From True Romance Nuzgul - AU - Arwen is in Rivendell when Gilraen is taken there with her son after the death of Arathorn. Here follows an alternate universe part of a part of the tale of Aragorn and Arwen.


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Evening Nightshade
Entry Date: 04 May 03
Entry Date: 07 Sep 02

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Open Date: September 04, 2002

Closed: January 16, 2010

Challenge Topic: AU/Crossover

Entries: 4

Originator: Meg Thornton

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