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Modern girl goes to Middle-earth...

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...and takes up with Sauron! What would be the consequences of introducing gunpowder, artillery, modern military tactics, etc. - all on the side of evil? Points for introspection - don't just make her an ostracised [expletive] who wants revenge on the pretty people who ignore her, give her a valid reason for joining the dark side. Double points for tackling and/or overcoming the language barrier (contrary to popular belief, English was NOT spoken in ME!).

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freedomfighter - The Hobbit In A Pet's Eyes
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Apr 07
The journey through Mirkwood how a modern day pet might see it.
Meg Thornton - Mary Mordor Sue
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 25 Jan 03
A girl from our world goes to Middle Earth, and winds up... well, you figure it out. This is inspired by a plotbunny I adopted from the Nuzgûl hutch. I am proud to announce that this particular Nuzgûl has been defanged. For me, at least...


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Adoption Date: 08 May 06

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Created: September 01, 2002

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Entries: 3

Originator: Aerlinnel

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