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February 2010 Treasure Hunt

Challenge Details

Join in this month's treasure hunt!

Every month, the precious treasures for each section of HASA get changed. 5 new places and 5 new things are selected from the Research Library.

The challenge is to start with the Challenge section's treasure, and then find at least one other treasure to combine with it in a story.

You can write any kind of story you like - Drabbles, poetry, vignettes, short stories, full length. You can use an existing story as long as it makes use of the Challenge treasure plus one other.

What are the treasures for February?

 In addition, there are treasures available after you log in:

If you are into Elves, especially First and Second Age Elves, be sure to check out the treasures. If you have a penchant for Numenor, there should be some enticement. A certain mithril coat could come into play, and who would not think about the trees across the ages?

This challenge runs through Sunday, March 7th. Forum thread for this challenge is here.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Aruthir - Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Feb 10

A snapshot of the calm before the storm...

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Created: February 08, 2010

Challenge Topic: Object/Thing

Entries: 1

Originator: HASA Challenges

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