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AUs don't have to be multi-thousands of words: an AU can even be written in a drabble...

The challenge is: write an AU in less than 1500 words, any topic. Existing pieces can be entered (especially those written for Dwim's 2008 birthday challenge, which set off this idea).

Deadline: September 22 (and happy birthday Frodo and Bilbo!).

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Agape4Gondor - I Will Take It
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 Sep 08
For the Tiny AU challenge. Someone other than Frodo thinks this after the Council of Elrond. Mention of Elrond. Unnamed Elf. One thousand words per MS Word.

Though this was entered for the challenge, another Elf decided he needed to have his side told. Sorry! Chapter Two - One thousand words per MS Word.
Elena Tiriel - Last Stroke
General Audience
Last Updated: 19 Apr 11
'The Corsairs of Umbar!' men shouted.... 'The Corsairs are upon us! It is the last stroke of doom!'

Drabble: What might have come to pass....
Gwynnyd - Inevitable
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Jun 08
A/U - So many "what if" scenarios are filled with doom and gloom and horrible ends. I wanted to write a happy one for a change.

What if the timing of Aragorn and Arwen's first meeting had been slightly different
Gwynnyd - Winnowing
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Jun 08
A/U - While many "what if" scenarios take place after the Long Expected Party or during the Fellowship, the Ring was in the Shire for many years.

An unlikely, but possible, scenario.
illereyn - Mercy
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Nov 08
What would have happened in Lorien if the enemy had regained the ring? Features Celeborn and Galadriel.

For Dwimordene's birthday: she requested an AU.
Linaewen - Choices
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 May 10

A captain of Gondor ponders the choices before him after meeting two wandering Halflings in Ithilien. An AU ficlet that explores an intriguing and surprising "what if...?"

Meril - Five things that never happened to Nerdanel
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Jan 09
Five very short AUs, >500 words total.
Nath - Mine
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Dec 14

Sméagol and Déagol don't go boating. As a result, there is more than just bones for Saruman to find in Anduin...

Written for the 'Tiny AU' Challenge.

Second place in the 2009 MEFAs in the category Genres: Alternate Universe: General.

Thundera Tiger - The Eagles are Coming
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Sep 08
A small AU regarding a slightly different turn of events during the chaos of the Battle of Five Armies. Features primarily Erestor with appearances from Bilbo, Glorfindel, Legolas, Aragorn, Elladan, and Elrohir. Warning: Dark.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 15 Jun 08
Entry Date: 19 Jun 08

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Open Date: June 09, 2008

Closed: September 22, 2008

Challenge Topic: AU/Crossover

Entries: 11

Originator: Nath

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