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Tell us a tale about those feelings of superiority the Gondorians seemed to have to pretty much all men. Or Legolas and Gimli, and their fathers, and countrymen, and... 'nuff said. Both Boromir and the Rohirrim seemed to have a lurking fear of Lothlorien; hobbits were suspicious to say the least of "Big Folk". (Sam's reaction to Strider, anyone?)

And lest we forget, Elves (first age and otherwise) had a *lot* to be resentful for, to other races and the different groups among elves themselves. A lot of this really is Fëanor's fault, but even the Fëanorians must have had reasons for their grudges. And reasons to eventually overcome them.

Make us cringe, make us cry, make us laugh - any race, age, or genre so long as it touches on the topic of equality and acceptance or lack thereof.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Agape4Gondor - He Is Mine!
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Jan 07
For the Tolerance challenge.
Dwimordene - Descent
General Audience
Last Updated: 10 Apr 07
Gondor is sliding towards war. Two boys brought together by the very forces tearing the kingdom apart sit and talk and wonder about the future.

Written in the spirit of the Tolerance challenge at HA Yahoo Group.
Elena Tiriel - Meeting Eorl
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Jan 07
What if Elladan and Elrohir had joined the Ride of Eorl? Would Eorl and his Riders have accepted them right away?

Three drabbles describing their meeting in the Vales of Anduin; excerpted from my larger series, Fell and Fair, for the Tolerance Challenge.
Gandalfs apprentice - The Odd Couple
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 02 Jan 08
Drabbles about Legolas and Gimli: snapshots of a relationship over time. Some, but not all, are slash; therefore, by definition, AU.

Gwynnyd - Feelings of Superiority
General Audience
Last Updated: 16 Jan 07
For the "Equality and Discrimination" Challenge.

I could not decide on a culture to showcase, so here are six drabbles, three for Men and three for Elves.
Imhiriel - The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Nov 14

Elu Thingol gives a ball in honour of the visit of his Noldorin kin. But not everything is flowing smoothly when a prince of the Sindar overhears a conversation between brother and sister. Vignette.

Written for the "Tolerance Challenge" on HA.

MEFAwards 2007: Honorable Mention – Races: Cross-Cultural: General

MerryK - A Matter of Definition
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Jan 07
The infamous meeting between Eomer and Faramir about Eowyn turns philosophical. For the Tolerance Challenge.
Raksha - Inroads
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Jul 06
Éowyn faces fearsome new adversaries - will she prevail? 500-word ficlet as counted by MS Works. Beta'd by Branwyn.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Lady Masterblott
Entry Date: 22 Jan 07
Entry Date: 20 Jan 07

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Open Date: January 14, 2007

Closed: January 21, 2007

Challenge Topic: Culture/Society/Politics

Entries: 10

Originator: Marta

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