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This is a challenge for new members. By definition, a new member is any member who has been a member for fewer than four months or who, at the time of reading this, has written three (3) or fewer Tolkien fanfics.

Choose one of the following - there are choices from any Age, from "The Hobbit," from "Lord of the Rings," from "The Silmarillion", from "Unfinished Tales", and three choices from the Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings"-movies.

Write a story on any of these prompts. There are no page limits.

If you wish to discuss these prompts or talk about story ideas developed from these prompts, or if you feel you need assistance with writing your story, please do ask in the New Member Challenge Forum or consult the Beta Reader List. People at HASA will be happy to assist you.


1. Write a story about a - visionary, dreamlike, magically remembered - meeting between a canon character and one of his long-dead ancestors (any Age).

2. Write a story about someone seeing the Two Trees for the first time (any Age).

3. Write about an incident during the Flight of the Noldor from the point of view of someone who was part of that journey.

4. In April next year a "new" Tolkien book will come out, The Children of Húrin, compiled and edited by Tolkien's son Christopher (for more information, see: Children of Húrin) The Lay of the Children of Húrin, the Narn i Hîn Húrin, already has been published (in Unfinished Tales). Write a story about a meeting between Túrin and his sister Nienor Níniel before Túrin was sent away to be forstered in Doriath.

5. Write a story about how a dweller of Laketown is affected by the death of Smaug. What does the death of the dragon mean to him or her? How does it change his or her life?

6. "[Bilbo] was thinking once again of his comfortable chair before the fire in his favourite sitting-room in his hobbit-hole, and of the kettle singing. Not for the last time!" [from: The Hobbit] Tell us about one of these bouts of home-sickness - what prompted it and how did Bilbo deal with it?

7. Write a story about Gandalf and Aragorn finding the new seedling of the White Tree.

8. Write a story in which Frodo tells Aragorn why he named his new pony Strider.

9. Many people found new homes after the War of the Ring: Faramir, Eowyn, Beregond, and Legolas in Ithilien; Aragorn and Arwen in Minas Tirith; Gimli in Aglarond; Sam in Bag End; Merry and Pippin in Crickhollow, and Frodo, Bilbo, and too many elves to name in Valinor. And many others would come back to homes that were ruined or at least drastically changed. Write a story about any of these people (or any other in a similar situation, original or canon characters) adjusting to their new homes.


10. Write a story about how Frodo meets his new-born name-sake, Frodo Gamgee, for the first time.

11. Write a story about how Faramir and Boromir as boys discover the tunnels underneath of Osgiliath.

12. Write a story about Galadriel's decision to send Haldir and the Galadhrim soldiers to the aid of Théoden and the beleaguered Rohirrim in the Hornburg.

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AFriedman - Bilbo's Soft Little Woman
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Last Updated: 23 Nov 07
In the deep dark night of Mirkwood, the most unexpected thing makes Bilbo homesick. This is not, strictly speaking, AU.


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