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Powerful nuzgûls breeding in this thread. I can see an interesting conversation between Boromir and Aragorn on this issue, where Boromir has the attitude more common to modern man, and Aragorn the more mythic and 'elven' conception of things. (Picks up broom to drive off nuzgûl, but the beast simply licks its fangs and grins. Oy.)

'Virginity - pick a character and delineate their attitude toward it.' OR 'A discussion between two characters on virginity and what it does or doesn't mean to them'

[Meg] This is one for the "cultural exploration" writers - use any two characters from different cultures (eg as above) and use their attitudes to sexual mores to delineate differences between the cultures.

[Dwim] The problem with this nuzgul is that the interior monologue version ends up being highly moralising, while dialogue versions are hard simply because discussions of sex tend not to focus on abstinence, particularly among men whose virginity isn't a factor in a patriarchal sexual economy.

I'd suggest trying to give contexts wherein virginity might actually matter, and then have people pick the one suited to their chosen characters. So you'd have:

Parent-child talk about sexual propriety
Sexual initiation (otherwise known as the "you mean you've never...?" discussion)
Marriage market negotiations (not necessarily concerning the character you want to explore--character could be commenting on someone else)
For the guys: why wouldn't you visit a brothel, even though "everyone else" does (you'd probably want to build in some background so it's not quite that blunt)
Temptation in general--why not go for it? Why doesn't X ever take advantage of opportunities?

[Lyllyn] I'd like to see the powerful and/or mythic part of this explored, whether from the whys and wherefores, the symbolism, the character's beliefs about it, or another character's observation about it. So if one were writing a 'first time' story, the mythic or metaphoric should be a part of that... Does one 'lose' one's power, transform it, or ...?

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Jael - To The Waters And The Wild
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Sep 07
Year 2951, Third Age. After a disappointment in love, Aragorn journeys into Rhovanion and rekindles an old friendship.
Soubrettina - A Man's a Man
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Jun 07
There's a wedding in the air for the Telcontar family. Now King Elessar just has to find the bridegroom. Or just a bridegroom. And that's just the start of his problems...

Superficially, odd Strider's offspring fic- but mostly about men, elves and sex. Started with the 'Death to Fannon!' challenge, then wondered off somewhere... else. Started as 'drama', but I think 'humour' is now more to the point.
Soubrettina - Thawing Lily
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 23 Dec 06
I know this to be mad as a spoon.

I've read much heated forum debate on whether or not Éowyn and Faramir might have gone beyond kissing prior to thier wedding, let alone before thier betrothal; and the general concensus is, probably not.

I agree. But this is how it could have happened...

Not a parody. Possibly a satire, but... only possibly.
(Some more-or-less explicit sex, but FAR from graphic)

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Created: July 31, 2006

Challenge Topic: Adult

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Originator: Lyllyn

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