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So, let’s say that Elrond sent Merry and Pippin back to the Shire as he planned; and now ____ and ____ are in the Fellowship.

Realize that because you’ve changed two of the key characters, the plot of the rest of the story has to change with them.

For example: If the sons of Elrond joined, they might have made it over Caradhras and not gone through Moria. Gandalf doesn’t become Gandalf the White. The Balrog goes un-slain, and the dwarves will never be able to mine there. Saruman’s forces might kidnap Frodo and Sam without Merry and Pippin to act as decoys. Boromir won’t die, and he will join the rest of the Fellowship in the mission to rescue Frodo, Sam, and the One Ring from the hands of the enemy.

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