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The Steward and the King

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Faramir met Aragorn in the midst of those assembled, and he knelt, and said: 'The last Steward of Gondor begs leave to surrender his office.' And he held out a white rod; but Aragorn took the rod and gave it back, saying: 'That office is not ended, and it shall be thine and thy heirs' as long as my line shall last.'
(Return of the King, The Steward and the King)

There's a lot of speculation to be made on the relationship, both personal and working, between Aragorn and Faramir. What led to Aragorn deciding to keep the office of Steward, and did it have anything to do with Faramir? Did Aragorn ever talk to Mithrandir or Pippin about Faramir before making his decision? What would the working relationship between Faramir and Aragorn be? Do they play mind games with the council members together? How often is Faramir in Minas Tirith? (His home is, after all, "in sight of the city".) Does Aragorn's lack of organization drive Faramir to distraction? Are the secrataries tired of being snuck up on by the men, both rangers? How about the personal relationship? Are they friends? Do their families get together often? Do they talk about the War of the Ring? Do they play chess? Do they avoid each other at all costs, or do they spend as much time as possible with each other?

There are a million options here, people, and I for one would like to see them explored! Pick any aspect of the relationship between Aragorn and Faramir and write about it. It could be personal, buisiness, or whatever, but it has to center on the King and his Steward.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

acacea - Dragons and Sailboats
General Audience
Last Updated: 16 Nov 05
A quiet moment by the river. Aragorn and Faramir talk, mostly of Boromir and Thorongil A birthday ficlet for Lady Branwyn
Anoriath - I Would See the White Tree in Flower
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Aug 05
Of the King and the Prince of Ithilien - a drabble.
Gandalfs apprentice - Theme and Variations
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Mar 07
MEFA 2006 First Place--Humor--Best Gondor.
Marriage is in the air in Minas Tirith. Faramir contends with a gossipy aunt and a fusty servant, and finds out he is to organize the King's wedding. Pippin, Sam, Elladan, Elrohir and three Rangers tell tales over ale and meat pies--and what about that mysterious Captain from Gondor's past? A story of Middle-earth in the style of Jane Austen.
Linda Hoyland - The White Tree
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Dec 06
A few weeks after his coronation, Aragorn fears that the wedded bliss he longs for will never be his. But the sign that heralds the fulfillment of his desire could also destroy Aragorn's still fragile bond with his Steward.

2006 MEFA Faithful of Númenor Award winner- Men Featuring Aragorn

A Story for Midsummer
maya_ar - King's Justice, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Dec 04
Set just before Elessar's coronation. Faramir finds out the whole truth about Denethor's death, and must come to terms with the price paid by others for his own life.
Raksha - The Falcon and the Star
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Mar 07
It is March 15, 3019. After the longest week in his life, Aragorn is called by Gandalf on an errand of mercy. One weary warrior meets another in the Houses of Healing and other, farther places; and their lives will never be the same. Most of the story (but not all) from Aragorn's POV. Some dialogue unavoidably quoted and paraphrased from Return of the King. Bookverse.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 04 Jun 05
Entry Date: 28 Jun 05
Entry Date: 22 May 05
Entry Date: 13 Jul 05

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Open Date: May 21, 2005

Closed: December 25, 2005

Challenge Topic: Relationships

Entries: 10

Originator: Eldamir

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