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Listening to the radio in the shower this morning, the obligatory Christmas carol was 'On the first day of Christmas...', and that set me to thinking.... Nine Rings for mortal men, Seven for the Dwarves, Three for the Elves and One to rule them all. Spot the missing number! What happened to Five? This in turn led me to something I had stumbled upon recently in 'The Return of the Shadow', that JRRT had toyed with the idea that Orcs had Rings too. So, here's the plot bunny - Five Rings for the Orcs. Who were the Orc Ringbearers? What did they do with their power? How did it affect them? And what eventually happened to them? etc etc

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Salsify - Heirloom of Power and Peril
General Audience
Last Updated: 19 Jan 06
Could it have been a Ring of Power that made Azog and Bolg so much more terrifying than other goblins? AU.

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Created: December 12, 2002

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