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In the discussion for the Death to Fanon! challenge, Raksha the Demon posted this:

"Now I'm visualizing a drunken Eomer and an infatuated Lothiriel hitting the sheets in celebration of Aragorn's coronation or marriage (Eomer wouldn't force her, but he'd have more restraint when sober), and Lothiriel getting pregnant. And Eomer quickly volunteering to do the honorable thing; after all, he needs an heir, he likes Lothiriel's father, and Eomer is an honorable man..." What would someone -- anyone -- do when they had one pint too many in them? They don't have to be completely wasted, maybe just a bit tipsy so with lower inhibitions.

Humor is certainly welcome. If you want to have Gimli and the hobbits singing bawdy drinking songs at every inn in Minas Tirith, be my guest. But I'm also interested in the serious side of drinking too much.

Some ideas:

1. Drinking to Forget: Maybe a character is haunted by the events of the Ring War and simply wants to escape their grief for a while. Could Frodo have developed a drinking problem after returning to the Shire.

2. Political or marriage negotiations while drinking: Alcohol would have been a major part of most social events. Did someone make a promise while drinking that they regreted the next morning?

3. Very personal conversations: Alcohol can be a great loosener of tongues. Maybe Faramir and Eomer get to know each other very well while under the influence of drink, saying things neither would say while completely sober?

4. Sex while Drunk: This is where the Eomer/Lothiriel scenario above, or any other number of ideas, would come in. Any story dealing with lower inhibitions would be good.

5. Cross-cultural Drinking: Were the Rohirrim heavier drinkers than the Gondorians? Is Elvish wine stronger than Mannish wine? The Ring War brought a lot of cultures together, and surely some of them had differing attitudes toward drunkenness and how much one was expected to drink. How would these differences affect our heroes?

Of yourse you're not limited to these things; the idea is to write a story where alcohol is involved, dealing with how the altered state of mind would make people interact differently.

Courtesy of Marta.

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Aeneid - Our Seventh Sense
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Apr 05
Further exploration of one Ring War veteran's memories and his dealing with those memories. Featuring Iorlas, numerous OCs, a cameo by Boromir, and autumnal Minas Tirith. Takes place 20 years after the Ring's destruction. A mild warning for some disturbing images related to war. While this fic is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.
Aeneid - Night-whispers
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 09 Jan 05
A single night, told from three different viewpoints and examining three different relationships. Fourth Age, romance. AU. This takes place ten years after the events of Adraefan. Rated for explicit het.
Aeneid - Laughing Oliphaunt, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Nov 04
On the twenty-ninth of Nárië in 2885, the Haradrim forces were defeated at the Crossing of Poros and a legendary tavern acquired its name. On the twenty-ninth of Nárië in 3018, the eastern shore of Osgiliath fell to the Enemy as the Ring War loomed, and a group of weary soldiers returned to this same tavern on the night of its anniversary. Experimental writing style. Slightly AU.
Berzerker prime - Cup Full of Words, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 16 Nov 05
Following the King's Judgment, Beregond and Faramir aren't quite sure what to do with each other. Luckily, a couple of Hobbits know just what to do about it.
Meril - Under the Influence
General Audience
Last Updated: 29 Jan 08
Imrahil spends a night at the pub that goes slightly... awry...
Soubrettina - Unusual Prelude, An
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Feb 05
On the evening before the departure of the funeral cortage, Faramir is already feeling unusually cheerful when he finds an old friend has been nearby for some time now... Comedic drama. *Slightly AU for liberties taken with chronologies*
Wordweaver - Mithrandir Meets His Match
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 May 05
Gandalf has a change of heart about Ioreth after downing a couple of pints of her homebrewed beer.


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