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Sam and Rosie, Social Climbers

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In less then ten years Sam Gamgee went from supposedly common gardener to the beloved Mayor of the Shire, and his wife went from plain-spoken farmer’s daughter to the wife of a wealthy and important man. In addition Sam’s best pals were The Master of Buckland and The Thain of Tookland, so I think we can assume Sam and Rosie were at the top of the Shire’s social ladder... So, how exactly did they get there? While I’m sure Prof. Tolkien presumed it was all a matter of virtue and Shire-scouring receiving their just reward, believe you me in real life that kind of dizzying social ascent doesn’t happen without considerable effort! Not only is there the delicate matter of shedding the Wrong Sort of friends and relations and attaching one’s self to the Right Sort; there’s the difficult business of relearning one’s table manners, fashion sense, and grammar. And all the other tribulations of the Nouveau-Riche, such as realizing the snooty butler hired to impress the Old Money thinks his employers are socially beneath him - because in the complex hierarchical system found Below Stairs butlers outrank gardeners by a huge margin. So, anybody wanna write about this process? A portrait of Sam and Rosie in transition? Personally I think Sam has too strong a sense of self to bother much with this sort of thing – anyone who can stare down Mount Doom wouldn’t be intimidated by High Society. But Rosie the farmer’s daughter... MUST be a humor fic.

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Created: December 08, 2002

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