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Put Down That Can(n)on, Mr. Tolkien!

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Of course we all have our favorite "canonical" couples in Tolkien's world but many of us have toyed with the idea of putting together individuals that Tolkien never could or would have written. The only thing holding us

So, I am challenging my fellow HA writers to throw caution (and canon) to the wind and put together those dream (or perhaps nightmare) couples that have been floating about in your brains.

Some ideas bandied about on the HA yahoo list were:
  • Thorongil and Finduilas - which could lead to all kinds of surprising ramifications to the Ring War tale
  • Eowyn and Merry during the ride from Rohan to Minas Tirith
  • Arwen and Legolas perhaps

The only requirements would be that these should not be couples as conceived of by Tolkien and they should both be canon characters (no OFC or OMCs please).

They can be long term commitments or one night stands, het or slash, whatever your canon-relieved mind can come up with.

Courtesy of Vistula the Dunedain.

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Gandalfs apprentice - Arwen in the Afternoon
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 07 Dec 08
Halbarad is torn between duty and desire. Alas, he has to pay a visit to Rivendell, where some interesting things happen. Attention: Slash. AU. Non-canon on sex among Elves. Group sex--you are warned. Not explicit. Both humorous and serious. Winner MEFA 2008 Romance: Elven Lands (third place)

Warmest thanks to the folks at the Lizard Council, especially Oshun, who has been more help than I can possibly express in the long history of this story, and Pandemonium, whose sharp wit and enthusiasm kept my spirits up.
SheBit - Choices
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 May 05
Two drabbles exploring a different choice made by Aragorn, as a Ranger and as a King. AU Pairing
Wordweaver - Of Passion and Compassion
General Audience
Last Updated: 26 May 05
In which Aragorn's remorse over a tragic past mistake keeps him from repeating it, and we learn the real reason why Denethor never loved his second son. AU pairing and alternative chronology.
Wordweaver - Mithrandir Meets His Match
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 May 05
Gandalf has a change of heart about Ioreth after downing a couple of pints of her homebrewed beer.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 17 Apr 05
Vistula the Dunadan
Entry Date: 07 Apr 05
Entry Date: 21 Aug 05

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Open Date: April 06, 2005

Closed: October 06, 2005

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Entries: 9

Originator: Vistula the Dunadan

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