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Now open to fics based on any of the three films, or in light of any combination of the three films! If you entered the original Movie Challenge, please enter your story into this one as well. When this Challenge is made public, the old Movie Challenge will be taken down, so that we have everything in one big collection. Thanks!

The movie has of course made changes to the books. Some changes we accept, others we feel fall short of expectations, and some outright violate our expectations in a way we feel is barely acceptable, if that.

Pick a scene from any of the three movies that particularly bothers you, either due to continuity, or due to issues of characterization. Then, while remaining within the movieverse, attempt to explain or fill the gap in a way that would enhance the movie for you as a lover of the books.

If this is a persistent characterization problem, try to pick the moment that you feel is defining of the wrongness of the characterization and work with it.

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Wordweaver - Forsaking the Twilight
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Aug 05
The way I would have told Aragorn and Arwen's story if I had directed Return of the King. Elrond tells Arwen that she can only marry Aragorn if he becomes King. Grief starts to overcome her, threatening her life, because she fears this may be a price he is unwilling to pay. Aragorn must commit himself to win hope and a future for her and for all Middle Earth. He must finally become the king he was born to be, take up Anduril, and send a message of hope to save her life.

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Created: March 31, 2005

Challenge Topic: Movie

Entries: 1

Originator: Marta

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