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Religion in Middle-earth

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Take something from a holy text in our modern world, and move it into Middle-earth. Some ideas:

1. Have a Biblical figure meet a Middle-earth figure. Maybe Maglor helps David write a psalm? Celeborn could teach Abraham a thing or two about giving kingly gifts. Or Mohammed finds a relic from Harad.

2. Take a story from a religious text and recast it in Middle-earth. Maybe you could draw a parallel between the Flood and the Akallabeth, or Cain's banishment after murdering Abel and Maglor's wandering after the theft of the two Silmarils.

3. Use a verse from a holy text to justify a character's action. Or even just have them think it.

Of course you wouldn't be limited to these things. The idea is to take something out of the religion of our current world, and somehow tie it to Middle-earth.

Courtesy of Marta.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

DrummerWench - King James Version
General Audience
Last Updated: 27 Jul 14

A little something I wrote for "If Other Authors Wrote LotR" on another board.

After several years, another snippet from the Book of Frodo!

Larner - Lesser Ring
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Nov 05
A tale of two visits to Harad.
Marta - Stock and Stone
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Apr 07
Ten years after the events of The Hobbit a girl from the Lonely Mountain and a boy from Dale meet for the first time. OCs only, obviously, though draws heavily from both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. No objectionable material.
Salsify - The Pilgrimage
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Dec 12

The journey with Thorin & Co. was not the first time Balin and Dwalin tried to return to the Lonely Mountain. One hundred years earlier, they accompanied Thorin's father as he made the attempt.

Werecat - Dolor Meus
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Mar 06
O all you, who pass by the way - attend and see, if there is a sorrow like My sorrow. In another land and another time, the man who loves birds meets the one with a strong voice. Fourth Age, AU.
MEFAs 2005: Winner - Post-Ring War
Mithrils 2005 - Semi Finalist, Fourth Age and Beyond
Wordweaver - The She-Orc
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Dec 05
For years beyond count, Ghash has lived as a slave to the realm of darkness. She can remeber no home but Angband, no life but the incessant misery of a breeding Orc-bitch. Only the self-sacrificial love of one who is more than he appears can break the spell that binds her and restore her long forgotten true identity. A parable.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Lynn Smith
Entry Date: 08 Oct 05
Entry Date: 31 Mar 05
Otto's Goat
Entry Date: 29 Mar 05
Entry Date: 15 Dec 05
Entry Date: 29 Mar 05

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Open Date: March 28, 2005

Closed: December 25, 2005

Challenge Topic: Culture/Society/Politics

Entries: 12

Originator: Marta

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