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In Dwimordene's answer to the Denethor Poetry writing challenge, That Which Remains Us, Faramir has a ring of keys:

[The chest] was locked, of course, but Faramir fished about in a pocket and drew forth a set of keys that he had taken from the desk. One of them clearly was meant to open a room somewhere in the Citadel--possibly the high chamber where once the palantír had sat--and a second had opened a small box that had proved to hold letters exchanged between Rohan and Gondor in the past five years. Thus, the third must be for the trunk. Faramir inserted it into the keyhole and gave a twist. Nothing. The key did not budge, and would not, despite a few well-chosen words and several further attempts.

So, the question remains - what does the third key in the set open?

Please write up your answer. It may be a stand-alone story, or excerpted from another fic. No limits on length, genre or rating. What does that key open?

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Dwimordene - Silence of Things, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Apr 03
An answer to "The Key Challenge" (see details within). An unusual perspective that surveys several decades of Gondor's history and culminates in the answer to the question: "What does that third key open?" A short story.
nrink - Reconciliation
General Audience
Last Updated: 13 Jul 04
The burial of Denethor. What does Faramir have to say to his father after so much grief and heartbreak? Written with possible slight departures from canon.

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Created: December 01, 2002

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Entries: 3

Originator: Anglachel

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