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Warmer Yuletide, A

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A member put forth the idea of Yuletide in warmer climates. How would Harad, Khand, or Rhun celebrate the season?

"How about a yule story in a south american style? I mean, in this part of the year where I live there is no snow and its pretty warm; I think it would be fun if the LOTR characters suddenly found themselves in another kind of the same celebration.

In South America, at Yule, people usually celebrate the holidays gathering together and sharing stories and presents such as in North America, but considering the fact that there's no snow at this time of the year, people would usually cook "informal" food (cool sandwiches, cool beverages... perhaps a little barbeque) and as the weather is always very warm kids often find some activity involved with water and swimming pools..."

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Created: December 18, 2004

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Originator: Lutris

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