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Gwynnyd wrote:

We've seen a lot of gloomy instrospective work on War, especially during the WWI poet's challenge (and why did my mind only think "Kipling! "Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs, tunnelling up and down again. Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs, as through the mountains we go" and that's the wrong war all together!) , but not every man found being a soldier onerous. There has always been a rah, rah cheerleading or humorous self-deprecating attitude in marching and drinking songs that celebrate war and the profession of soldiering.

I happened to be at a science fiction convention this past weekend and we revisited a group of songs written for one of the more militaritistic of SF cultures. Some of them just cried out to be be re-filked into Middle Earth.

For example, there's the original traditional Scottosh song "Drink to the Health of the Weavers"

If it wasna for the weavers what would ye do?
You wouldna hae a claith that was made o' woo'
You wouldna hae a coat o' the black or the blue
If it wasna for the wark o' the weavers

Which was filked into a Dorsai song by Marty Burke, "Drink to the Health of the Dorsai"

If it wasn't for the Dorsai, what would you do?
Ye wouldna' have your freedom to take a drink or two.
Ye wouldna' have the choice of the Devil or the Blue,
If it wasna' for the work of the Dorsai!

I can just see the Rangers sitting around a campfire before the next skirmish with the orcs singing: "Drink to the Health of the Rangers"

We’re all here together to drink and to fight,
With a star on our chests and our weapons in plain sight.
There’s not an orc among ‘em who could back us down tonight,
As we drink to the health of the Rangers!

If it wasn’t for the Rangers what would you do
You wouldn’t have the freedom to take a drink or two
You wouldn’t have a choice of the Dark or the Light
If it wasn’t for the work of the Rangers!

There’s archers and there’s pikemen and there’s scouts who’ve seen it all
There’s guards and charging horsemen, and great-sword fighters tall
We’re drinking tonight before an orcish brawl.
And we’ll drink to the health of the Rangers!

You think you’re all secure and your walls will save your lives.
An orcish horde is something that will catch you in your lies.
We’re strong and gifted warriors and we’re proud to bear the signs
That separate mere men from the Rangers!

This was only lightly filked from the Dorsai version. Thanks, Marty!

Or take "Sound the Pibroch":

Sound the pibroch loud and high
From John O'Groats to the Isle of Skye!
Let all the Clans their slogan cry
And rise tae follow Charlie!

I can just see Boromir's recruiters going about the land and singing:

No more we'll see such deeds again,
But men like you can lend your hand.
Pick up that weapon and learn again
And strike for Gondor's glory.

It could even be someting as extremely silly as "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen MT?"

The challenge is to write, filk or pay homage to a song that celebrates war or warriors. Any format, any length as long it includes, or is, a song.

Although any war will do as inspiration, Liz gave me some links to real WWI songs, but she warns that some of them are 'crude', so beware before you click.

Songs of the Great War

world War I through Songs

Songs of WWI

Songs From the Great War

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Challenge closes: 14 December 2004

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