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It says in the Valaquenta of Olorin (Gandalf) that "he walked among [the Elves] unseen, or in form as one of them, and they did not know whence came the fair visions or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts." Show how Olorin was indirectly responsible for some Elven deed or creation-- or perhaps how he *prevented* something from happening.

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Chathol-linn - Legolas and the Olore Malle
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Last Updated: 12 Jun 04
The 4-part Olóre Mallë adventure explores the phenomena of Elvish memory, prophecy, and dreams. Third adventure in the Early Adventures series. Legolas learns something of his destiny, meets his alter-ego nemesis Zalog, and experiences the full force of Lorien's Loop of Dreams. Challenge entry.

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Created: November 29, 2002

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Originator: Mouse

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