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While many Tolkien characters' lives were almost completely mapped out, the whereabouts of several of them are unknown. Whatever happened to Maglor, Galadriel's brothers, or Legolas' mother? What happens to men after they die, and exactly how did Nimloth of Doriath or her husband die?

For this challenge, you would write a story of any length, showing or explaining what happened to a "forgotten" character from Tolkien's mythology. Whether you choose to write about "lost" characters, such as siblings or parents that were never mentioned, but may have been there, provide more detail into something that was only briefly mentioned happened, or more information about people, such as Maglor, who's end we don't know, it's up to you.

Challenge closes: 7 May 2005

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Cold Like Fire - Sell Vi Nen
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Nov 04
After Nienor flung herself into the waterfall, what happened to her?
Jay of Lasgalen - Telparian
General Audience
Last Updated: 11 Jan 04
No mention is made in The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings about Legolas's mother. Why not? This is a sad tale about a tragic death, and a grieving father and son. Set Third Age 145, Legolas is aged ten.
Karri - Through Shadows Falling
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Feb 05
In the ruin of the Doriath, brothers fall through shadow into light.
Marta - Elements of the Resistance
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 Mar 05
Fatty had his own set of difficult experiences and obstacles to overcome while the Four Travellers were off saving Middle-earth. Here are five drabbles about his experiences as part of the resistance movement and in the Lockholes, each focusing on one of the five elements (water, air, earth, fire, shadow). This series contains some violent imagery, especially in "Fire". I do not think this quite pushes the piece into "Adult" content, but please be aware that it exists. Foreign occupation is never pretty.
Marta - Beyond the Borders
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Feb 05
After the Ring War, Halbarad's grandson journeys to Rivendell and discusses the state of things in the North with Elrond.
Marta - Pride and Despair
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Dec 04
"'Pride and despair! Didst thou think that the eyes of the White Tower were blind? Nay, I have seen more than thou knowest, Grey Fool. [...]All the East is moving. And even now the wind of thy hope cheats thee and wafts up Anduin a fleet with black sails. The West has failed. It is time for all to depart who would not be slaves.'" ["The Pyre of Denethor", The Return of the King]

So said Denethor shortly before he killed himself in the Battle for Minas Tirith. Even at the very end, he did not simply submit to Mordor but took the only other action he thought he could. Here is a look at his last moments, as Denethor thinks back on the memories and relationships that have defined him. A rather book-based look at a most enigmatic steward.

[While this story does not contain objectionable material, it does deal with mature themes relating to death and destruction that younger readers may find disconcerting. Please use discretion when deciding whether or not to read this piece.]
Marta - Hope Rekindled
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Oct 04
A short vignette from the middle of the Battle of Pelennor Fields, from Imrahil's POV.
Marta - His Precious
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Aug 04
Smeagol's old beau sees him several years after he is expelled from his family hole and thinks back to their relationship before he found the Ring.
Marta - Sucking Eggses
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Jun 04
Whilst trying to figure out one of Bilbo's riddles, Gollum remembers a Yule celebration long ago and his attempts to teach his grandmother a new year's custom he learned from a human friend. Semi-finalist at the 2004 Mithril Awards for Best The Hobbit.
Meril - Final Choice
General Audience
Last Updated: 10 Apr 08
Nimloth's last moments in Menegroth.
NessaAr-Feiniel - Sworn Brothers
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Mar 05
Elrond and Elros discover that their friend prince Thranduil (who is 25 years younger than them) is the victim of Ophoror's anger. Can the twins help him cope with memories? PG for mention of child abuse just to be safe. There is NO SLASH! sumbited to the Thranduil: the true story Challenge
Vistula the Dunadan - Gardener's Wife, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 May 05
While the Gaffer lies near death, he reveals to Sam some surprising information about his mother. Includes: Hamfast Gamgee and Bell Gamgee.
Werecat - Something Wicked This Way Comes
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 06
A former corsair captain who resents the king, a strange man who speaks in eerie rhymes and their meeting in Umbar during a night of the early years of the Fourth Age. Some disturbing subjects implied, but nothing graphic.

MEFAs 2005 - Honourable Mention, Horror
Mithrils 2005, SemiFinalist, Original Character
Werecat - In Umbar, at the Docks
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 06
In Umbar, at the docks, looks can be deceiving. This is a tale of beggars, queens, and cats.

This story can be read as a sequel to Nine Lives but stands well on its own.

MEFAs 2005: First Place, Mystery

Mithrils 2005: Runner-up, Minor Character

Mithrils 2005: Winner, Best Short Story or Vignette
Werecat - Dolor Meus
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Mar 06
O all you, who pass by the way - attend and see, if there is a sorrow like My sorrow. In another land and another time, the man who loves birds meets the one with a strong voice. Fourth Age, AU.
MEFAs 2005: Winner - Post-Ring War
Mithrils 2005 - Semi Finalist, Fourth Age and Beyond
Werecat - Brown Spirit
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Mar 06
A fool, he called you. Three haiku for Radagast, the Brown Wizard.
MEFAs 2005 - Winner, The Lord of the Rings Poetry
Mithrils 2005 - Quarter Finalist, Short Poem
Werecat - Full Circle
General Audience
Last Updated: 27 Dec 05
Beasts, they've called us. So end the days of Kolgrun, last warrior of the race of orcs.
MEFAs 2005: Third Place, Villains/Orcs


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