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Matter of Eowyn, The: Heroine or Deserter?

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Many list members have weighed in on a complex topic: What was Eowyn doing when she disguised herself as Dernhelm and rode to the Battle of the Pelennor, leaving behind her appointed position as the leader of the Rohirrim in Theoden's absence? What was she thinking to abandon her post? What do others think of her when they discover that she is with the cavalry in Gondor rather than with the civilians back in Dunharrow?

JRRT is silent about whether she received chastisement, opprobrium, punishment, etc., for having left her charge. Write out the reaction of others to the news that Eowyn is in Minas Tirith, not Dunharrow. It can be as part of the story, or it can be AU. It can be the reaction of any one character, or of any combination of characters. It can be in opposition to her, in support of her, or some combination. The one restriction is that you may not write Eowyn's own internal thoughts except as an epilogue or coda. You may, however, have her speaking to anyone else and write out that dialogue.

For example: What are the thoughts of Faramir? Merry? Ioreth? The Eorlingas (either/both in the cavalry and in Dunharrow)? Aragorn? Gandalf?

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

A. L. Milton - Shards of Time
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Apr 05
(PG-13) (complete) Barahir, the writer grandson of Faramir and Eowyn, tries to find out what truth shall he write about his legendary grandmother. Written in answer to the “Éowyn: Heroine or Deserter?” challenge. By A L Milton, illustrated by Hydy

Mithril Awards 2003 - Winner - Best Fourth Age or Beyond
Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards 2004 - Third Place - Drama: Post War of the Ring
Dwimordene - Justice
General Audience
Last Updated: 13 Dec 02
Dwim's attempt to answer Ang's/E.W.'s challenge: is Eowyn a deserter or a heroine? Features Eomer, Eowyn, and Elfhelm. And the answer is....
Kirixchi - Reflections in a Broken Shield
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Mar 03
Was Eowyn a heroine, or a deserter? Five people close to her reach different conclusions as they reflect on her life and what she meant to them.
Philosopher At Large - Lord of Carrion
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Mar 04
The Witch-king's thoughts in that critical moment on the Pelennor. LOTR:ROTK, Silm references. (Written for the Eowyn Challenge.)

Mithril Awards 2003 - Finalist - Best Vignette or Short Story

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Open Date: July 27, 2002

Closed: January 27, 2003

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Entries: 5

Originator: Anglachel

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