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Has anyone ever read someone else's work and liked it so much you wanted to write more? A sequel, or prequel perhaps?

Write something (prequel, sequel, missing scene, poem, drabble etc) based on a story by another author. It can be fun to explore other writers' universes, character interpretations, ideas etc.

A couple of ground rules:

* Please ensure that you have the inspiring author's permission to use or refer to his/her story. You may want to send a draft of your work to him/her for their approval

*Please identify the inspiring story and credit its author in your work. This can be done either in the story summary or in an author's note

Challenge closes: 22 October 2005

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Aeneid - Sight
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 20 Oct 05
Inspired by PlasticChevy's wonderful epic, The Captain and the King, this is an unofficial "missing scene" regarding Boromir and Gil. Written with author approval. Rated for explicit het. 2005 MEFA Award Winner: 1st place, Gondor - Original Characters category. Though I give the award to Chevy, as she created the OC in question.
Aeneid - Peace
General Audience
Last Updated: 25 Apr 05
Nearly twenty years after the Ring War, two veterans reminisce in the Houses of Healing. Featuring Iorlas, Elboron, Borlas, and original characters.
Avon - Dark Dreams
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Oct 05
Faramir is not the only one to dream of the foundering of Numenor and inescapable darkness. The concept of Imrahil also having dreams is borrowed from Isabeau of Greenlea, with permission.
Avon - Coming Home
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Nov 03
Inspired by and written around Fileg's wonderful poem, Home by Morning. A ranger's wife waits for her man to come home. *Was Promises to Keep*
Avon - Adrah's Eyes: Salvation or Pain
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 03 Oct 03
A drabble of Flick's lovely Adrah's Eyes, drabbled with permission of course. Now, there are almost 7 000 words in Adrah's Eyes so needless to say I've had to leave out all the good stuff - the beautiful descriptions and lovely characterisations. All I can say is - if you haven't read it go and read it.
Larner - Gifts and the Benefits of Scholarship
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 May 07
Aragorn helps finish a gift for Sam, and Frodo enjoys the benefits of having studied foreign languages.

Written for the Inspiration Challenge, and inspired jointly by Bodkin's "Discretion" and Grey Wonderer's "If I Had a Hammer"
Meril - First Meetings
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Feb 07
The head cook for the Stewards' House meets a stranger while preparing the Midsummer Feast. Featuring characters created by Ann and Edoraslass.
nrink - In the Forest Singing Sorrowless
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Sep 04
The meeting and betrothal of Denethor and Finduilas of Dol Amroth. Some slight departures from book canon and/or slightly AU. My first story for the "Three Colours Trilogy Challenge."


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 06 May 05
Entry Date: 22 Oct 04
Entry Date: 06 Jul 05
Entry Date: 24 Oct 04
Entry Date: 31 Mar 05

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Open Date: October 22, 2004

Closed: October 22, 2005

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