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For you Aragorn/Arwen fanciers I would like to issue this AU challenge - I would like to see a story where Arwen, after Aragorn's death, does not go to Lothlórien to die on Cerin Amroth but instead is persuaded to go with Legolas and Gimli when they depart for the West together.

Now Arwen is still mortal and when she reaches the shores of Valinor, she will still die but not before she sees her parents again, discovering they have another daughter (You name her). This plot bunny is optional!

Let a year pass in the Blessed Realm before Arwen dies with her family (brothers included) by her side. Also let Elrond's pain show in the story, perhaps having him refuse to join Arwen's side at first when she finally begins to fade away.

Courtesy of Meldewen Ilce

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Created: August 11, 2004

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Originator: Meldewen Ilce

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