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Heck no! We won't go!
Heck no! We won't go!

I was sitting at a patriotic music concert tonight and having the mental conversation with myself I have about this time every year. You see, I'm a pacifist in most situations -- a fairly moderate one, but I do find myself uncomfortable around all those songs that glorify the armed forces.

But this year there was a different ingredient in my mind: Tolkien. I got to thinking about what form pacifism would take in Middle-earth. Obviously when orcs are pounding at your gate you don't lay down your sword. But what about scenarios where someone disagreed with the direction their government was taking? For example:

* Gondor -- Did some people want friendlier relationships with the evil men? Trade routes with Harad and Umbar, perhaps?

* Rohan -- On the road to Gondor the Rohirrim learn that orcs are attacking the strongholds? Do some struggle with whether to turn back? Do some oppose the whole idea to go to Gondor and prefer to make their stand in Rohan?

* Erebor -- For those dwarves who never met Bilbo, how did they feel about the whole decision to not tell the Nazgul about where the Shire was?

* Fangorn -- Were there some Ents who perhaps didn't want to attack Isengard?

* Northern Rangers-- They guarded the Shire and Bree for years. Did any ever doubt whether this was a worthwhile cause, given how little respect they got for it?

And then of course we havethe conversation between Shagrat and Ugluk who don't necessarily seem pro-war. I don't think I'd call them pacifist (since they're not opposed to violence per se), but they don't 100% support their country's push toward war.

Basically I'd be interested in seeing a story where someone's country is going to war (or *not* going to war), and some individuals doubts the wisdom of this decision. How would it play out? Would they act on their conviction and refuse to go to war? Go to war any way but do so half-heartedly? Try to argue for the country to change its direction?

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