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Temptation of Sauron, The

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How do you suppose Sauron came to be as he was? Everyone has a beginning, and Sauron's was in the House of Aule. What could possess a powerful maia to forsake his duty in exchange for power?

The challenge is to write a story explaining how Sauron came to be on Melkor's team, whether it be when it happened or in reflection.

Courtesy of erendis_numenorean

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Demon Damned - Fallen
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 27 Oct 04
An ancient book - long forgotten by most of Valinor - holds the key to the mysteries of the past. But can anyone understand the truth behind the words in the aged tome? Written for 'The Temptation Of Sauron' Nuzgul, courtesy of erendis_numenorean. ('Adult' rating is erring on the side of caution.)


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Adoption Date: 18 May 05

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Created: August 11, 2004

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Entries: 2

Originator: erendis_numenorean

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