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"Got the facts? Got *all* the facts? We want 'em! Resources is looking to have a Research Article that carefully lays out all the pertinent quotes concerning The Choice of the Half-elven, and which attempts to organize them and draw some basic conclusions. This way, others will be able to have a comprehensive, useful overview of this issue.

"Got an opinion? Back it up! Submit a Critical (interpretative) Essay on The Choice of the Half-elven. What do all those facts really *mean*? If you've got an idea, then marshal your evidence and write that essay! Feel free to reference any Research Articles submitted--for those members who don't have copies of all the works in question, this will make it far easier for them to read for themselves the evidence presented and come to a conclusion about your theory."

There is no one right answer here folks - all theories will be considered. All we ask is to see some evidence for these theories within the body of Tolkien’s extensive written works. Looking for a specific quote to support your theory, but you can’t recall where it is found? Or are you lacking access to all of Tolkien’s texts? Here’s an opportunity to put HASA’s Resources to work for you. Questions posted in the Resources forum or on-list are fielded by one of our intrepid volunteer researchers. Plus there is much information already available within the database of Resources: character bios, events, places and artifacts...

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