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Okay, we know that Arwen has become mortal. But what does she think about it? Does she discuss it with anyone?

Write a story where Arwen discusses the thought of dying with one other person. Anyone you like - it doesn't have to be Aragorn or Elrond.

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Gwynnyd - The Lap of Time
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Last Updated: 12 Oct 06
Deciding to be mortal did not automatically make death achievable for Arwen. Why did she linger when Aragorn lay down his life? With many, many thanks to Sulriel, Gandalf's Apprentice, Oshun, Pen52 and LadyA for beta duties above and beyond, and a nod to Kipling for some of the imagery.


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Adoption Date: 05 Aug 04

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Created: August 03, 2004

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