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Infiltrating Dol Guldur: Gandalf and Disguises

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Anglachel suggested:
"I was researching something in Unfinished Tales today and re-read the 'Quest of Erebor'. A few weeks ago, I was re-reading Lay of Leithian. Something struck me as a parallel (one among many, in truth) within the two tales - in each the protagonists (Gandalf, Beren & Lúthien) have to disguise themselves to enter the fortress of an enemy. Plus the disguises upon Beren and Finrod as they tried to pass Tol-in-Gaurhoth. This got me thinking - how did Gandalf disguise himself?

The Istari are incarnate. They are stuck with the forms they have, just as Beren & Lúthien were, so how exactly did Gandalf dress up or camouflage himself so as to be able to get in and out of Dol Guldur? He spent some time in there, so it had to be a reasonably good disguise.

Anyway, there's a challenge idea for you - How did Gandalf infiltrate Dol Guldur? It could be quite macabre, given the lengths Beren & Lúthien went to in Lay of Leithian."

Dwim also notes:
"Additionally, I believe Radagast is described as 'a master of shapes and hues'--sounds like a master of camoflauge to me. So, you've got a lot of evidence here that points towards some fascinating disguises and measures taken to infiltrate enemy defenses. How did Gandalf get into and get out of Dol Guldur undetected?"

So write a story, any story, about how exactly Gandalf managed to infiltrate Dol Guldur.

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