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Encountering the Secondborn

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We all know how Finrod found the Secondborns, the way he felt about it and the fact that later many elves travelled to Estolad to see this new race but I´d like someone to write about a Noldo meeting a human: did he or she feel happiness, awe, dislike or what? Plus points if you make the elf a Feanorian. ;) 1000 words at least, no limits of length. If you like you can change the scenary, e.g: Eöl is told of the new race by the Dwarves and goes to see them, or maybe Caranthir is travelling beyond Ered Luin and sees them. Even Feänor looking at the Silmarilli and having a vision about Men.

Nuzgûl by Sirius.

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Adoption Date: 06 Aug 04

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