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In the Appendices of Lord of the Rings, there are many tidbits of information concerning life after the War of the Ring for Meriadoc, Peregrin, and Samwise.

What was life like for the three Hobbit heroes after the War and the end of the Third Age? In Appendix B, the chronicle of events speak of several events that occur. For example:

S.R. 1427-Samwise is elected Mayor of the Shire. Peregrin Took marries Diamond of Long Cleeve.
S.R. 1430-Faramir, son of Peregrin, born.
S.R. 1431-Goldilocks, daughter of Samwise, born.
S.R. 1432-Meriadoc becomes Master of Buckland.
S.R. 1434-Peregrin becomes the Took and Thain. King Elessar makes the Thain, the Master, adn the Mayor Counsellors of the North-Kingdom. Samwise is elected Mayor a second time.
S.R. 1436-King Elessar... comes to the Brandywine Bridge, and there greets his friends. He gives the Star of the Dúnedain to Master Samwise, and Elanor is made a maid of honor to Queen Arwen.
S.R. 1442-Samwise and his wife and Elanor ride to Gondor and stay there for a year.
S.R. 1451-Elanor the Fair marries Fastred of Greenholm on the Far Downs.
S.R. 1454-Elfstan Fairbairn, son of Fastred and Elanor, is born.
S.R. 1463-Faramir Took marries Goldilocks, daughter of Samwise.
S.R. 1482-Death of Mistress Rose, wife of Samwise, on Mid-year's Day. On September 22 Master Samwise rides out from Bag End. He comes to the Tower Hills, and is last seen by Elanor, to whom he gives the Red Book afterwards kept by the Fairbairns. Among them the tradition is handed down from Elanor that Samwise passed the Towers, and went to the Grey Havens, and passed over Sea, the last of the Ring-bearers.
S.R. 1484-In the spring of the year a message came from Rohan to Buckland that King Éomer wished to see Master Holdwine once again. Meriadoc was then old (102) but still hale. He took counsel with his friend the Thain, and soon after they handed over their goods and offices to their sons and rode away over the Sarn Ford, and they were not seen again in the Shire. It was heard after that Master Meriadoc came to Edoras and was with King Éomer before he died that autumn. Then he and Thain Peregrin went to Gondor and passed what short years were left to them in that realm, until they died and were laid in Rath Dínen among the great of Gondor. S.R. 1541 (F.A. 120)-In this year on March 1st came at last the Passing of King Elessar. It is said taht the beds of Meriadoc and Peregrin were set beside the bed of the great king.

Pick one of these events and expand on it. Let it be from the point of view of a character less heard from, like Estella, Diamond, or Rose, for example. Were Estella and Diamond still alive when their husbands left for Rohan? How did they and their children take the departure of Meriadoc and Peregrin?

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S.R. 1463-Faramir Took marries Goldilocks, daughter of Samwise.

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