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There must have been a lot of interesting conversations when people met up after Sauron was defeated.

How did Éomer react when he first met Faramir, the second Númenorean lord to have stolen his sister's heart in the space of a few short weeks? What did Elrond and Pippin have to say to each other, given Elrond was reluctant to allow Pippin to become part of the Fellowship? How did the other Elves react to Legolas's friendship with Gimli -- and what did Glóin make of his son's friendship with an Elf? What sort of encounters did the four Travellers have with Farmer Maggot, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins or Merry and Pippin's parents? And just what did Barliman Butterbur have to say when "Strider the King" turned up in Bree during his progress around the North Kingdom?

Write a scene describing the conversation between at least two characters meeting for the first time after the defeat of Sauron. Whether or not they had met prior to the Ring War, the conversation should tend towards discussion of the unexpected changes they've endured during the War and since it ended.

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Lady Aranel - Out of Stone
General Audience
Last Updated: 07 Jun 04
Gloin has a revelation when he visits Gimli in his son's new home at Aglarond.


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Adoption Date: 30 Dec 06
Adoption Date: 16 Jul 04

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Created: May 16, 2004

Challenge Topic: Event

Entries: 4

Originator: Tanaqui

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